What is the difference between generator and UPS?


as you know UPS is an uninterruptible power supply. This electronic tool supplies the electric current needed by the consumer’s electric devices during a power cut, and in this regard, after re-establishing the municipal electric current, it is responsible for regulating and maintaining the electricity grid; In addition, this device prevents the penetration of noise and disturbances in sensitive consumer equipment.

Among the influencing factors during UPS powering, the following can be mentioned:

The number of systems and the amount of load connected to the UPS

The capacity of the battery used in the input UPS

UPS working method

Among the duties of UPS and how UPS works, the following can be mentioned:

Adjusting and modifying or increasing and reducing the output and input voltages, with the aim of providing an acceptable voltage for the device.

Providing electricity needed by consumer equipment with desirable quality and continuously

All this happens when the regional electricity supplier has general or partial problems.

Types of UPS

The types of these electronic tools are:

Offline UPS

On line UPS

UPS Interactive or Line Interactive UPS

This type of UPS is activated in the circuit during a power cut.

Online UPS or On line UPS

The task of this type of UPS is to transfer the correct output to the load by correcting the input voltage or stabilizing the input from noise. Therefore, the output is usually provided by these types of UPS.

The difference between generator and What is UPS?

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Interactive UPS or Line Interactive UPS

The task of this type of UPS is to provide AC output without input disturbances, and this means, in normal times, to transfer the input to the transformer through the bypass mode. In this case, the transformer will actually control the charger.

UPS components

Battery (Battery): with the purpose of storing electrical energy and using it as a source of electrical energy in ups

Inverter (Inverter): In order to convert direct current into alternating current

Charger (Charger): with the purpose of charging the UPS battery and converting alternating current to direct current

Rectifier (Rectifier): In order to convert the incoming alternating current into direct current

Generator introduction

A generator is actually a machine that converts mechanical power into electrical power. In fact, the generators work based on the movement of a conductor in a magnetic field that induces electric current in the conductor.

Types and types of generators:

Generally, generators are classified into two basic groups based on the type of consumable fuel, gas-burning and liquid fossil fuel diesel generators (diesel and gasoline).

It should be noted that in gas-burning generators, due to the fact that, in general, gas fuel, in equal conditions, compared to liquid fossil fuels, has a limited power to create energy; It causes less torque in the generator engine.

For this reason, it is necessary that instead of the power, the power of the gas-burning generators in order to connect to the UPS circuit should be more than 3 times the power of the UPS.

Also, non-generators have different types in terms of structure, such as DC generators, induction generators, synchronous generators and turbogenerators.

Comparison of generators and UPS

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As mentioned; Generators work with fossil fuels and enter the circuit after about several seconds during a power outage. Due to the nature of generators, they require maintenance, a place to store fuel, and noise.

In addition, generators cause interruptions during power outages; But UPSs don’t actually cause any kind of interruption. Another problem with generators is changing their frequency to change engine speed.

It may be useful to know that in most applications, the generator is used together with the UPS after the city electricity is cut off and before the generator is brought in; UPS is able to supply the output power. At the same time, after the generator enters the circuit, the UPS actually has the task of stabilizing the output voltage and frequency of the generator. It should be noted that the UPS that can work with the generator; It is necessary to have special specifications.

The difference between generator and What is UPS?

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