Relay stabilizer

Advances in science and technology have led to the invention of a device called a stabilizerr to control the fluctuations of the city electric current so as not to damage the devices. It may be interesting to some that new stabilizers, unlike the old ones, are equipped with a digital display that keeps the current at the same voltage that we have entered on the system. These stabilizers detect small fluctuations that occur within one millisecond and prevent damage to electronic devices.

It may not matter much to you, but for sensitive devices such as medical devices, CNGs, etc., they play the role of life and death.
Types of stabilizers

Today, this device plays an important role in industrial units, workshops, factories and homes so that people can do their activities with more security. Stabilizers are divided into different types depending on their needs, performance and functions.
1. Relay stabilizer
2. Servo stabilizer
3. Static stabilizer
In this article, we will review and introduce relay stabilizers.
Relay stabilizer
Inside relay stabilizers, a relay is used that reverses the direction of electrical signals. The size of these stabilizers are small and easy to install, and they are very useful for large areas and devices. .

The operation of the stabilizer in general depends on the operation of the installed relays and its transformer. The relay stabilizer has three types of switches that we will examine.

primary key

The main key is a very simple switch that has two wires that form a circuit between the two wires by magnetic force, and when the two wires are on each other, it means that the switch is open.

Relay switch

The relay has a more complicated system than the rest of the stabilizer components, which includes four wires, which create a circuit by connecting two wires, and the circuit when two wires are placed together and placed in a common position. If two wires are in different positions, the relay closes

Stabilizer key

The stabilizer consists of a circuit board, a contact switch and a relay. By pressing the contact button, the circuit starts working. When the contact switch is released, the circuit stops and a relay stabilizer is connected to a contact switch. By pressing the call button, the circuit is closed. When the call button is released, the circuit opens. To help open the circuit, the stabilizer must amplify the electrical signal. An amplifier circuit is a device that allows multiple currents to be combined into a single current to produce a larger signal.

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