Tuncmatik UPS

Tanchmatic UPS company, which was established in Turkey in 1969, is one of the best UPS manufacturers in the country. Turkey is considered to produce and supply electrical and electronic equipment needed inside Turkey, and sometimes exports some of its quality products to other countries such as Iran.

Among the first products of this company, we can mention car signaling lights, which are considered the first domestic production in Turkey. After one year, in 1970, this company began to produce its first product, the TV voltage regulator, which became very popular among Turkish people, and this initiative made it start its own building materials factory in the same year. and become a holding company producing various parts in Turkey. Also, in Turkey, no company produced dynamo and generator, and Turkey was faced with a shortage of these two products, that’s why it started importing them from other countries, but Tancmak company recognized this gap and started producing it in 1981. payment and was the first company to produce generators and dynamo in Turkey

Tanchemtic products export
Later, by increasing the quality of its products and meeting the domestic needs of Turkey, this company started exporting its products to neighboring countries and Europe, which made the voice of this company’s products heard in the world market, the Middle East market, and the Russian markets.

Today, this company has become one of Turkey’s leading companies in the field of power electronics with a wide range of products, especially uninterruptible power supplies (UPS).

Tanchemtic company awards
Due to the quality and innovation of Tanchemtic products, this company has become one of the most powerful manufacturing companies in the field of UPS production, for this reason, it has received many awards from the international community, which can be mentioned below. .

The first car flasher manufacturer in Turkey
The first black and white TV voltage regulator manufacturer in Turkey
The first refrigerator regulator manufacturer in Turkey
Alternator and generator production group
The first DC electric motor manufacturer in Turkey
Manufacturer of uninterrupted power supplies
Manufacturer of the first digital DC motor in Turkey

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