Hyundai Veloster car battery

Velster was designed and produced by Hyundai in 2013 and until 2016 there were no options on this car, but after 2016 many options were installed on this car and this car was equipped with GDI engine and its price compared to the model The previous ones went much higher. Among the new options of this car, we can mention: cruise control, six airbags, three heaters (front + steering wheel), two coolers (front), professional broadcast system with Saab and finally Kills starter.

But one of the consumables of this car can be mentioned its battery. In this article, we will review fabric batteries for the Hyundai Veloster car.
Hyundai Veloster fabric battery

Hyundai has introduced a 60 amp battery for the Veloster car as the fabric battery of this car, but if you use powerful audio systems and strong lighting systems on this car, you should use batteries with higher amperage for the Veloster. We will look at the specifications of the fabric battery of the Hyundai Veloster car.

Battery type
Acidic and atomic solids

ampere hour battery
60 amps

12 volts

Hyundai Veloster battery pole arrangement model
Short base and left

Battery dimensions
24 * 17 * 19 cm

The best battery for Hyundai Veloster
The best batteries for this car are atomic and dry batteries, which have very good quality and do not require maintenance, and are a better option than acid batteries. But among the very good brands to buy Hyundai Veloster car battery are the following brands.

Sepahan Battery
borna battery
Pasargad Sanat

But the foreign brands that produce high quality batteries suitable for Hyundai Veloster are:

Delcor battery
Hyundai battery

Factors affecting the price of Hyundai Veloster battery

Many factors affect the price of the Hyundai Veloster battery.

Battery manufacturer country
The production date of the battery is hacked on the battery body
Remaining warranty period
brand of battery manufacturer
Battery amp
Type of battery (acid or atomic)
After-sales service of the manufacturer’s brand

Hyundai Veloster batteries
In this part of the article, we will first introduce batteries suitable for the Hyundai Veloster car.

Manufacturing company
battery brands

Saba Batri
Varian, Sahand, New Armo

Spahan Battery
Atomic, Orbital, Suzuki, EBF, Tropical

Barna Batari
Global, Zitex, IAS

Azer battery
Sullivan, Vigor, Apadana

Niro Gostaran Khorasan
Shark, Silver, Sin

Pasargad Sanat
Proton, Handel, Lieder

Dorna Battery Ares
Aras, Pushita, Noble

Vaya battery
Shaden, Ryball, Devon

External batteries suitable for Hyundai Veloster can be mentioned below.

Manufacturing company
Battery brand

Delcor South Korea
Including Delcor, Puma, Royal, Shark, Hexa, Platinum and…

Atlas BX
Tiger, Alphaline, Hancock, Cuba and…

Hyundai South Korea
Enercel, Solight, Indigo, Overstart, Target, Full Power and…

Global South Korea
Global, Rocket, Nova, Cheetah, Silver, Falcon and…

Last word

Each of the introduced batteries for the Hyundai Veloster car has advantages and disadvantages, and the prices of these batteries are also different from each other. If you are looking to buy the right battery for your Hyundai Veloster car, you can contact our experts at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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