American UPS

UPS which stands for Uninterruptible power supply means The power supply is uninterrupted. UPS refers to a device that is installed next to other electrical devices.
Application UPS
The operation of UPS is for the times when fluctuations and extreme changes or power outages occur. At this time, the UPS is placed next to sensitive devices or in important places so that it can continue to work normally for the devices.

how US-made UPSs work
Inside the UPS is a battery that charges when plugged in. . when the power is cut off or its voltage drops; The UPS automatically uses the battery to supply the required power. UPSs do not allow the device to notice a power outage and be damaged; Because they deliver power to the device within a few milliseconds.
Usages of American UPS
UPS in certain locations such as hospitals, companies and offices, oil and gas refineries, Labs, Factories, oil platforms, security systems and closed circuit cameras, petrochemical equipment, Data Centers, computer networks and servers banking systems, devices ATM and … are used.
Types of American UPS

Offline or Standby UPS

One of the types of UPS are offline ones that are powered by city electricity. Immediately after the power cut, these UPSs take the electricity from the battery and convert it into the electricity needed by the devices. These types of UPS convert the DC current of the battery into the AC current required by the device by changing the direction of the current in the battery path.

The protection time provided by these UPS is 20 minutes and provides only basic features. Among these features, we can mention the protection of the consumer against very high and unwanted input voltage.

Due to the fact that these UPSs are only activated during a power outage, they are also called UPSs with a passive standby function.

Online UPS

As we mentioned above, UPS offline can only be used during an outage. The electric current provides the energy required for the device. But online UPS expands this possibility and is considered a more complete version of offline UPS. In online UPS, in addition to providing energy during power outages; It is also possible to supply energy during power fluctuations.

UPS Line Interactive

In normal conditions, these types of UPS can stabilize the output voltage with the help of a transformer. One of the features of this type of UPS is their high quality and sensitivity. Also, compared to other types of UPS, they have a shorter life, higher consumption, high heat production and lower efficiency.
American UPS APC
One of the largest companies in the field of UPS production is APC Corporation of America which is one of the top brands in the world and continues to operate under the supervision of Schneider Electric today. American UPS known as the first power of electricity and electronics in the world be.

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