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Today, with the expansion of cities and electronic services in all cities and communities, the use and urgent need for electricity is observed, in such a way that today nothing can be done in the absence of electricity, for this reason, the environments that consume electricity are much more than the past and the amount The consumption of frogs in the communities has also increased greatly.

But today, by carrying out researches, devices called UPS and UPS batteries are designed, manufactured and supplied. The general nature of these devices is to provide the process of electricity flow during fluctuations and outages of urban electricity. In addition to them, some industrial UPS are also produced, which are used for high voltage applications in some places. Next, with Teslaco, we will examine Sarah Industries and Esen Industries UPS.

Sarah Industries

The Sara brand started its activity in 1359 by producing power-boosting transformers for household refrigerators and freezers, and gradually equipped them with protective systems in order to complete and improve the quality of its products. It should be mentioned that this brand has advanced the quality of these products according to domestic and global standards with detailed studies and reviews.

In addition, during these years, Sara Industrial Group has been producing all types of power amplifier transformers or stabilizers and all types of chargers, protectors, inverters, emergency lights, UPS, rectifiers, inductors and industrial transformers in various powers and applications. and made them available to dear consumers.

Sarah UPS

UPS, or uninterruptible power supply, is a device that is installed along with an electrical device or inside a computer box, and it provides the possibility for the consumer to continue working under normal conditions when the input voltage is interrupted or there are severe or minor changes. One of the most important tasks of UPS is to provide non-stop electrical power to the consumer, prevent disturbances and fluctuations in the city electricity, and also maintain the voltage and frequency levels.

U -PS-Sarah

It should be noted that when the electricity undergoes sudden fluctuations; The UPS system prevents damage to electronic systems and protects them against voltage changes and power outages. In fact, the main purpose of a UPS device is to provide an uninterrupted source of energy for the equipment it protects.

Internal components of Sarah’s UPS

Small UPSs generally have a battery inside that they charge when there is electricity. at the time of power failure or voltage drop and when the voltage drops below a certain value; The UPS automatically switches the power supply unit from the mains to the internal battery. In principle, this work takes place in a period of approximately 1 or 2 milliseconds, and as a result, the computer does not notice the interruption of the electric current and continues its normal work.

It should be noted that if there is fluctuation or voltage increase or voltage drop, the UPS corrects the output power. In some UPS, the output is pseudo-sine and they deliver a voltage of approximately 165 volts to the consumer. In fact, the UPS is able to correct the output power in terms of frequency, voltage and harmonics.

Interior -components-UPS-Sara

UPS internal components include inverter, battery and battery charger. Most of the consumers are fed by municipal electricity. When the power grid is interrupted, it is necessary for the electric power stored in the battery to be converted to alternating current and used. This task in UPS is in charge of a part called inverter.

It should be noted that after using the electric power of the battery during a power outage, the battery storage needs to be recharged. The battery is recharged by the UPS charging circuit when the power grid is reconnected. In fact, the UPS battery is of sealed acid and nickel cadmium type.

Types of Sarah’s UPS

UPS types can be divided into 3 groups: offline, online, and line interactive.

Offline UPS

Offline type UPS with a protection time of 20 minutes, which generally cannot be extended. Basically, this type uses city electricity in normal mode, but after a power outage, the UPS immediately enters the circuit and converts the battery electricity into the electricity needed by the consumers.

It should be noted that this type of UPS only provides basic features such as protecting the consumer against unwanted high voltages and charging batteries. Also, by changing the direction of current flow in the battery path, offline UPSs change the state of direct current from the normal charging mode to the required alternating voltage supply mode.

Online UPS

Online UPSs are actually the complete version of the offline model, which provide the electrical energy needed by the consumer through batteries in addition to the time of power failure. The mode of operation of these online UPS is that the city electricity input to the UPS, in the first step, enters the rectifier and is converted to a voltage of approximately 750 volts of direct current, and at the output, using an inverter, it is converted to The flow is reversed; Therefore, they deliver a completely uninterrupted and fluctuation-free output to the consumer.

UPS Line Interactive

In normal conditions, interactive line type UPSs are able to stabilize the output voltage by means of a transformer. It should be noted that under normal conditions, providing output in this type of UPS is done after correcting the input and only in times such as technical failure, load overflow, or an excessive increase in UPS temperature. The bypass mode will go back. It should be noted that this type of UPS has very high quality and sensitivity and is used for very sensitive laboratories, military, etc. devices.

As mentioned; The UPS has a battery cabinet that gets its output power from this cabinet, and in fact, the ampere of this cabinet determines the duration of the UPS operation. It is obvious that UPS, like other equipment, needs periodic repair and service, and in some cases, it also needs major repair.

Sarah’s best ups

One of the best Sara brand UPSs is UPS 24 to 220V with a power of 1KW. This UPS is designed and built with the purpose of providing power and protecting personal computers. This device has a battery connection cable so that by connecting it to a battery, its current can be converted into an alternating current of city electricity so that it can be used for various purposes when we do not have direct access to city electricity. .


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In the above article, we will review Sara Industries, UPS Sara, UPS Sara, internal components of UPS Sara, types of UPS Sara, including UPS offline, UPS online and UPS interactive, and the best UPS Hi Sarah, we have discussed and we hope that you will find the most accurate and useful answers to your questions by reading and having this article.

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