UPS for houses and apartments

UPS applications in residential houses
The electricity consumed by buildings and houses, which is known as city electricity, has fluctuations that can sometimes cause serious harm to consumers.

Home consumers, including refrigerators, TVs, home modems, washing machines, dishwashers, freezers, air conditioners, etc., are sensitive to electricity fluctuations and after a while, they experience problems, and the solution to this is to use an electrical protector.

More than half of UPS are made for home and office use and are usually up to 5000 amps.

UPS is a device that is placed between the city power source and the power consumer device and the work of stabilization It conducts the incoming electricity, in addition to preventing noise penetration and disturbances caused by the equipment.

UPS stores the input power in its battery and even in the case of power failure, it immediately enters the circuit in less than milliseconds.

On the other hand, the possibility of managing household electricity consumption is also significant, which can be controlled with UPS. In such a way that the UPS battery is supplied during the power consumption drop and the UPS battery is used for power supply during the peak consumption time.
UPS suitable for home and apartment
UPS with the ability to store in nearly 4 hours is desired for a house or apartment with the amount of common electrical appliances. For this case, a UPS with a power of 500 to 5000 amps is better.

In cases where the residential house is bigger, this size reaches up to 10,000 amperes. Iranian brands, Taiwan, Korea They have a reasonable cost to buy.

The consumption power of a residential house, organization, etc. at this time is determined as consumption per square meter. To buy a suitable UPS for your home, you can use a 2000 milliampere UPS with a price of around 500 to 700 thousand tomans.

Of course, in order to install a suitable UPS for the home, we can calculate the power consumption of every electronic device in the house and let the expert know the total.

Then they use UPS with a suitable battery to store electricity and prevent several hours of outages. They introduce us, this work is the best and most basic method of preparing U PS for houses and buildings.
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