FAAM UPS Battery

Faam UPS battery (FAAM): FAAM UPS batteries in performance, various voltages and capacities are offered to the market using the most up-to-date European and Asian technologies. The expertise of this company is in the production of lead acid batteries in different types. Fam basically supplies its batteries with two years unconditional warranty. But this is not the whole story. Up to 7 years after purchasing the battery, you will also benefit from the warranty. In fact, this long amount of guarantee makes the buyer to be sure of the quality of the product.

up-to-date technology
The ever-increasing growth and development for Fam is a philosophy that can be seen in all phases of battery work, from design to production and supply. This company always focuses on providing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, lifespan and quality of products. /a> has put his production. During 40 years of activity, Pham has received many certificates and honors. Certificates have always been a necessary point and an essential element for companies to be recognized in the global market. A starting point for competing at high levels of innovation and continuous improvement. ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates have brought higher quality to this company in addition to reputation.
Representations and after-sales services of batteries
Faam Battery Company in order to provide the requests of its customers, a global and huge sales network and has established after-sales service for its UPS batteries. The products made in three factories in Italy are able to respond to the global market and their focus is on Europe. The production office is located in China, exclusively dedicated to the Asian market. Fam is also present in South America and the United States through its business and service partners. With this wide network, the possibility of immediate delivery of UPS Fam batteries is available in about one hundred and twenty countries.

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FAAM UPS battery

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