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Italy is one of the countries that has been active in the battery industry for more than 100 years, and the company Fiam Battery With a history of more than 80 years of production in the field of batteries, they are one of the largest battery manufacturers in the world. This company supplies more than 45% of the market’s needs.
Fiam company started its work with the production of car and motor batteries and until now continues to produce motor and car batteries so that it produces the batteries required by brands such as: BMW, Kawasaki, etc. Fiam Sanat produces. Fiam company is a supplier of different types of batteries for use in UPS and various industries, this company has managed to take a major share of the market.
FIAM’s international activities
This company has more than 20 commercial and technical branches in Italy, Germany, Slovakia, the United States of America, Spain, England, France, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China and Australia. It has importers with more than a thousand employees.
The very high quality, long life and low maintenance costs of the products of Fiam Battery Company have made industrial owners and those in need of UPS batteries buy their batteries from this company. This well-known company also has a very high sales market in Iran. have.

Technology Fiam Company
The battery production technology in the battery production line of Fiam company gradually improved over the years and was optimized to meet the needs such as AMG technology. Products based on new technologies are used in the manufacture of Fiam batteries, which maintain the efficiency of the product even in critical conditions.
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