Lighting systems

Today, city electricity has become one of the most important pillars of life, that’s why UPS has become very important and for supplying city electricity, including lighting or electronic equipment is used in special cases.

The necessity of using UPS for lighting
UPS is placed between the city power source and the power consuming device and stabilizes the input power. In addition, it prevents the penetration of noise and disturbances caused by the equipment.

In most houses, a large number of lamps are used, which is not economical from direct electricity consumption both in terms of price and in terms of damage to the wiring of the building or house.

While it is possible to easily keep 10 30 volt lamps on for a long time by using a UPS of 500 to 1000 amps, which is both economical and avoids damage. Prevents possibility.

Other uses of UPS

UPS has the ability to store electricity for a period of several hours and transfers it to the house wiring in a stable manner like municipal electricity.
data protection in case of power failure; Due to the existence of backup power, after a power outage you have the opportunity to save your open and unsaved files and prevent the destruction of your data.
UPS is used to reduce electricity consumption in such a way that during off-peak hours, reserve electricity and during peak hours, the stored electricity is used for lighting, which is very economical.

The advantage of using UPS for lighting
With a suitable UPS system using low consumption lamps, it is possible to provide lighting for a large number of lamps.

The cost of creating a UPS system is usually compared to the cost of buying a generator, which, of course, technically It is far better and more efficient than the generator system.

UPS system is very affordable for home or small workshops. In such a way that with a UPS and several lamps, the lighting of the desired place is fully provided.

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