Delta UPS

Delta UPS Company was established in 1975 in Taiwan with the help of specialized and experienced forces in the field of energy management and energy efficiency and started its activity and after several years of activity in this field, it was able to be present in the world market. and reach a good position to compete with other UPS manufacturing companies. This company has been producing the best and highest quality UPS since 1975, which is why its products have many fans among buyers UPS and the name of this company is always on the table of big UPS buyers such as petrochemicals and… In the following, we will examine and introduce the services and products that Delta Company provides to its customers.

Delta UPS after-sales service
Tesla company is one of the sales representatives of Delta company products in Iran, and after purchase, when Delta company’s UPSs fail or malfunction for any reason, the technical forces of Tesla company will be present on the spot and solve this problem. Fixes it in general. Dear buyers, they should pay attention to this point, if the disturbances and fluctuations in Delta UPS are not taken seriously, they will cause more problems and breakdowns and damage sensitive equipment such as data centers in the UPS and cause severe damage. They create more.

Delta products
As we said, Delta Company is one of the prominent brands in the field of electronics, which produces all kinds of electrical products in Taiwan and has a variety of products in its production line. The following can be mentioned from the products of Delta company.

Modular UPS: It is a part of three-phase UPS that has good power. This type of UPS is mostly used to support data centers, large network equipment, data storage centers, and recovery centers. They use financial disaster.
UPS AMPLON: It is a part of UPS that has less power and is smaller in size than other UPS of this company and is used in financial institutions, government offices and centers. They use medicine.
UPS Ultron
UPS Agilon

Last word

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