Sepahan UPS battery

Sepahan Battery Company, which started working in Isfahan in 1978, produces car batteries and all kinds of batteries, which first produced car batteries, but later this company also produced a variety of UPS solar batteries and relying on the knowledge and experience of its engineers, it has the capacity to produce It increased its batteries to 5 million battery units per year. But in this article, we will examine the batteries produced in Sepahan Battery Company.

Sepahan Battery UPS batteries
Sepahan Battery Company having very advanced equipment and using very high quality materials in the manufacture of its batteries, as well as relying on its experts and experienced experts, provides the best quality batteries available in the Iranian market for They produce UPS, and the batteries produced by this company are also sent to neighboring and European countries.

Sepahan Battery Company uses European devices such as bm, Tbs, Sovema, etc. in the manufacture of its UPS batteries.
Features of Sepahan Battery UPS batteries
UPS energy suppliers made by Sepahan Battery Company are sealed acid batteries that provide the required electricity during power outages and in emergency situations. In the manufacture of this type of batteries, very dangerous acid compounds are used. These acids can eat the battery shell and leak, but Sepahan Battery Company has covered its batteries with fiber layers to prevent acid deposition. It has increased the quality of batteries of Sepahan Battery Company.
Advantages of Sepahan Battery UPS batteries
The quality of Sepahan UPS batteries, as well as their differences with traditional UPS batteries, has attracted many fans. In this part of the article, we will discuss the advantages of UPS batteries produced by Sepahan Battery Company.

Sepahan UPS batteries do not need maintenance and service periods.
The designers of Sepahan Battery Company have designed these batteries in such a way that they automatically charge and discharge the batteries of the car and make them last longer.
These types of batteries must be used in the climate for which they are made, for example, the UPS battery made for Bandar Abbas, if used in Tabriz Maroud, will have a very short lifespan.
Sepahan battery UPS batteries are very light and can be easily carried because the acidic material inside is solid and cannot be settled.
All the batteries manufactured by Sepahan Battery Company are of high quality and very good materials are used in them
UPS batteries of Sepahan company are very resistant to corrosion because these batteries have thick lead networks.
During the design of Sepahan battery batteries, its internal space has been usefully used and this work has increased the efficiency of these batteries.

Sealed acid batteries of Sepahan Battery Company
For the first time in Iran in 1384, Sepahan Battery Company produced lead acid batteries suitable for UPS and … payment and launched them on the market in the same year and with good reception from the fans of buyers UPS battery was selected as the largest battery producer in the Middle East in 2016 and 2018.

last word
Sepahan Battery Company of Isfahan, having more than 30 years of experience in the field of producing all kinds of batteries and using the world’s latest technologies and experienced staff with very high quality materials, has taken effective steps in this field and its products are at the world level. has reached In recent years, this company has been selected as the most distinguished company in the field of battery production, which is a fitting title for this company.

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