Voltamax UPS Battery

UPS battery Voltamax (Voltamax) is a type of lead-acid batteries that are used in different areas and the applications of this company’s batteries are countless and do not require any maintenance. Volta Max UPS battery has not only been able to attract the satisfaction of its customers in Iran, but it has also attracted the satisfaction of its customers all over the world and has shone brightly in the global market.

Volta Max UPS battery is a product of Taiwan and is designed based on the latest international standards and technology.

History of Volta Max UPS battery
Volta Max battery manufacturer first started producing its products in 1991 by designing sealed acid batteries. After successive successes in this field, he started designing and producing UPS batteries by developing his products in the field of batteries.

As a result, this company was able to export its products to more than 29 countries with international standards. Also, this company plans to export its products to more than 50 countries in the near future.
Positive points of Volta Max UPS battery
Volta Max has high quality and reliable batteries, so it does not need maintenance and charging. This battery has the ability to charge in standby mode and does not need any control or adding water and acid.

Other positive points of Volta Max UPS batteries include the long life and non-discharge of these batteries.
Functions of UPS Volta Max battery
Voltamax UPS batteries are effective in the following industries and sectors.

Industrial and home UPS
automatic shutters
Gas stations

Different amperes of Volta Max battery
By offering different amps, Volta Max Company has been able to gain the name of its products at the global level. Different examples of these batteries are as follows:

Battery 1.2 amp Volta Max
2.3 amp Volta Max battery
4.5 amp Volta Max battery
7.5 amp Volta Max battery
9 amp Volta Max battery
12 amp Volta Max battery

Last word

Voltamax is a Taiwanese company that is known for producing quality sealed acid batteries in the world market and the Iranian market. If you are planning to buy Voltamax UPS batteries, you can contact our consultants at Tesla Co and get a free consultation.

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