Purchase and installation of UPS for electric shutters

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If you are among the people who want to know the cost of buying and setting up UPS for shutters, you can find the answer to your question by reading this article, so read it until the end. . As you know, all electrical devices and equipment, such as electric shutters, need care and protection against sudden changes in voltage, severe voltage drops, electrical fluctuations, and sudden power cuts.

UPS or uninterruptible power supply with voltage regulation, power supply during power outages, and also by eliminating noises and urban power flow disturbances, is the best device to protect all types of electric shutters in industrial sheds, shops, parking lots, and stores. , warehouses and other buildings.

UPS purchase cost for electric shutters

How much does it cost to buy UPS for electric shutters? This is one of the usual questions from customers before buying UPS for shutters. That’s why we decided to talk to you about the answer to this question in this section. The cost of purchasing UPS for electric shutters depends on various factors, and for this reason, we cannot set a specific price for it. In the following article, we will discuss the factors affecting the purchase price of UPS.

Today, there are a variety of UPS brands in UPS sales markets . has it. Different brands have different prices based on technical specifications and features, quality, lifespan, etc. Therefore, the cost of purchasing a UPS depends on the type of UPS selected. Of course, the UPS price also depends on the company from which you buy the UPS. Therefore, it is necessary to buy a suitable UPS for electric shutters from reputable and reliable companies in order to have a suitable and safe purchase.

Another factor that affects the purchase price of UPS for electric shutters is the type of electric shutter and its motor type. For example, UPS used for electric shutters in shops, parking lots, factories, etc. are different from each other. On the other hand, according to the type of electric shutter motor and its voltage and energy consumption, the type of UPS used and its purchase price will be different. Our company provides you with the necessary and sufficient information in this field and allows you to choose the best and most suitable UPS for electric shutters.

UPS setup cost for electric shutter

Installation of UPS for electric shutters is one of the most important issues for customers, generally during the installation of electric shutter UPS, the UPS is placed between the municipal electric current and the electric shutter control circuit. Our company, with many years of experience in the field of setting up electric shutter UPS and with the benefit of expert people, will install the UPS in the best possible way for you. Most of the customers ask us about the cost of UPS installation for electric shutters and how much should we pay. The cost of setting up UPS electric shutters for parking lots, shops, stores, industrial sheds, balconies, windows, etc. will be different. Our company offers you the best and most suitable prices for the installation and operation of UPS electric shutters.

Buy UPS for electric shutters

Before buying a UPS for an electric shutter, you should pay attention to its motor type. In general, electric shutter motors are divided into two groups. The first type are motors that have a backup battery and UPS, in this type of shutters UPS is installed automatically when the electricity is interrupted or there is a problem, it enters into operation and causes up and down. The shutter will go electric.

The second type are the motors without UPS or power supply. The second type of motors are available as tubular electric shutter motor and side electric shutter motor. Among these two types of motors, the motors without UPS need to purchase and install a ups have

When buying a UPS for these motors, you should pay attention to the power of the motor and the duration of electricity storage. In general, in order for the UPS to perform properly and not reduce its useful life, the UPS power of the electric shutter must be 20% higher than the motor power. In terms of the duration of electricity storage, these types of UPS provide approximately 2 hours of electricity.

Selecting the right UPS for electric shutters

In order for the UPS of the electric shutter to be able to perform its activity well and protect the electric shutter from any problems, it is better to consult with experts and experts when choosing and buying it. Because if you haven’t bought the right UPS, in addition to not protecting the electric shutter well, it may cause problems and thus increase your costs. When choosing a UPS for electric shutters, pay attention to the following points:

  • Selecting the output voltage according to the type of electric shutter
  • Choosing power according to the type of electric shutter motor
  • Purchasing from reputable companies and agencies
  • Receive device warranty card from the seller
  • Purchasing reliable and quality brands
  • Paying attention to the required electricity storage time
  • Attention to the environmental conditions where the UPS is going to be installed
  • Installation and commissioning by experts and specialists
  • Purchasing products that have warranty and after-sales service
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