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UPS Battery GP (GP): Gold Peak Company started working in 1964 as a multinational company in Hong Kong. From the very beginning of its work, this company chose the name JP to refer to a category of its products, and now many people know this company by this name. All types of batteries, electronic products and acoustic equipment are the main products of the company. Currently, the part related to GP products is operating in Singapore.

GP produces different types of batteries. Alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries can be mentioned among these batteries. Despite the fact that Asia has prominent and well-known battery companies, JP is one of the best of these companies. JP products are now exported to all over the world, including European and American countries. UPS batteries are also one of the high-quality products of this company, which are used in different countries for different purposes.

UPS batteries are produced in this company with different technologies. In the past, most of the company’s production was focused on UPS batteries with cadmium. But due to the problems caused by batteries containing cadmium, such as harming the environment and the possibility of poisoning the company’s own employees, most of the company’s production is now done using sealed metal lead acid technology.
Features of products
Sealed lead-acid batteries produced by this company under the JP brand have global standards and are internationally renowned. These batteries are very efficient, so that the need for repairs and maintenance costs have been close to zero. Long life and high number of charging and discharging cycles is another top feature of UPS batteries production. It is by JP.

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