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One of the most popular products of Soner company is UPS. The UPS produced by Soner is one of the best and most reliable to produce and is available in a wide range of power, size and battery for single-phase and two-phase power. presented.

UPS is one of the most complex electronic devices that require specialized repairs due to its complexity. has it. UPS repair is done by the Tesla company’s repair department. Teslaco or Tesla for short It is one of the most equipped specialized centers for UPS repair and servicing of its customers. Tesla company is ready to serve you with the most modern equipment.

General familiarity with UPS

UPS means uninterruptible power supply and its main task is to provide uninterrupted power to the load. UPS in three types UPS OFFLINE, UPS ONLINE and UPS Line Interactive are produced and sold. UPS is one of the most complex electronic devices that requires specialized repairs due to its complexity. UPS repair is done by the Tesla company’s repair department.


Fixing problems and errors that occur in UPS

As mentioned earlier, the UPS system is a very sensitive system that needs adequate maintenance to provide the amount of energy your equipment needs during a power outage.

Types of UPS batteries in terms of internal structure

UPS battery includes lead acid battery, Nickel Cadium Battery and Alkaline silver battery.

Each of the above mentioned batteries has advantages and disadvantages with their different structures and compositions. Lead acid battery is the best and most suitable battery for UP device. This battery is available in two types, open and closed, and the closed type is used more due to the lack of service and maintenance.

What is the important role of UPS battery?

When the city electricity is connected, the battery in the UPS device stores the energy, and when the electricity is interrupted, it feeds the electric devices connected to it through the energy stored in the battery. Then, after the power cut, the UPS batteries enter the network as a source and feed the equipment for a short period of time.

How to maintain UPS batteries?

UPS batteries, like other devices, have a useful life. Now what is the useful life? The useful life is actually the length of time that the device will work with acceptable efficiency.

UPS troubleshooting

A UPS system like any other system will have problems and errors, so in order to fix it correctly, you need to look for its faults and find a suitable UPS troubleshooting solution to fix the errors.

Tesla UPS repairs are performed by specialists who have not only passed academic training courses (electronics and industrial electricity), but also have a lot of experience in repairing all types of UPS, including UPS They have Sonner. You can confidently contact our consultants and get the necessary guidance.


UPS repair in different brands and brands

In many organizations and offices, UPSs are used to provide emergency power for security systems, electronic systems, network systems, and computers, elevators, etc. are used. UPS are classified into three categories: offline, online, and line interactive, and determining which device is placed in the circuit depends on the conditions and type of system design.

UPS repairs are divided into two separate sections including: fault diagnosis section and repair section. In the fault diagnosis section, after the inspections, the hardware unit of the UPS is delivered and all the defective parts are checked again to find the cause of the hardware and in case of failure, it is replaced.

The services provided by Tesla during UPS repair and inspection include all troubleshooting and troubleshooting in sps, pec, bypass circuits, battery troubleshooting and UPS performance.

UPS repair brands in Tesla

Having experts with experience in the field of repairing all types of UPS, Tesla repairs all common and specialized UPSs. UPSA brands that are repaired at Tesla are:UPS Delta Repairs, g-tec ups repairs, UPS GMC Repairs, General Electric UPS Repairs and….

As one of the most specialized UPS repair centers in Iran, Tesla services and repairs all brands of UPS. Tesla attaches great importance to Sooner UPS repairs, as one of the most reliable brands in Iran that operates in the field of UPS production, to repair UPS Sooner effectively for its dear customers.



In this article, we reviewed Soner UPS repairs, their types and functions. We have explained it, so you can get the information you need by reading the said material.

Tesla is one of the most equipped and specialized UPS emergency power supply centers for customers and is ready to serve with the latest equipment. Buyers and customers can contact us at the following phone numbers to receive necessary advice and guidance for purchasing building emergency power (UPS).

Support and communication numbers with Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253).

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