Toyota RAV4 car battery

In 2016, while the old facelifts were still present in our country, Airtoya (representative of Toyota in Iran) opened the first facelift of the Facelift XV40 to our country. With its different and more attractive design, Raofor Newface created a much better market for itself.

Of course, this facelift was not that important, but since it had significant changes in the front and rear lights, bumpers, and also the front window, it soon became popular.

This car has consumables, the fabric of these accessories is of very good quality, but it must be replaced in a certain period of time. One of these consumables is the battery of this car. //”>Toyota We will pay RAW4.

Toyota RAV 4 fabric battery
According to the technical specifications of this car, Toyota has chosen a 60 amp battery as the fabric battery of this car.


19 cm


17 cm


24 cm

Factory original battery capacity

60 amps

battery voltage

12 volts

Suitable model

Sealed acid

Format car battery


arrangement of poles

The long base of the left pole

The best battery for Toyota RAV 4
Fabric Toyota RAV4 battery is a 60 amp battery. Among the suitable batteries for this car, we can refer to the batteries of Iranian and Korean brands. Also, atomic and acid batteries can be used in this car, but we suggest you to Use atomic batteries in this car because they have a long life and do not require maintenance.

If you use strong lights and a powerful audio system in this car, you should use 70 amp batteries

Is Iranian or Korean battery better?
Regarding the use of Iranian or Korean batteries, it should be said that the quality of Iranian batteries, such as Saba Battery, Sepahan Battery, and Barna Battery, has improved a lot in recent years, and both types of atomic and acid batteries are produced in Iran.

The use of modern world technology and the use of European devices has increased the quality of Iranian batteries to a great extent. Iranian batteries have after-sales service and a valid corporate warranty.

Korean batteries have been used in Iran for many years and have a very good lifespan, as well as Iranian battery companies. They have recently progressed along with them. So, when buying batteries, you can use Iranian options with full confidence, which of course have a more reasonable price.

Last word

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