Archer UPS

UPSs are an uninterrupted power source that supplies the energy needed by electrical devices during a power outage. Also, this device is placed between the municipal electricity and consumer devices, and in addition to regulating the network power and stabilizing it, it prevents The penetration of noise and network disturbances becomes the sensitive equipment of the consumer. One of the foreign brands that produce UPS is called Archer Company, which we will discuss more about this brand in the rest of this article.

Archer UPS specifications
The following can be mentioned from the UPS Archer specifications:

It has global standards such as IEC/EN62040-2, IEC61000-4-2, IEC61000-4-3, IEC61000-4-4, IEC61000-4-5, IEC61000-4-6
Smart battery
Has an LCD screen
Equipped with power factor correction system (PFC)
Multi-Function Protection
Ability to apply bypass settings
Phase and zero input reverse connection alarm
Automatic test of the device during startup
Design based on optimal battery voltage according to UPS power

Advantages of using UPS
The use of UPS has many advantages due to the emergency power supply that is needed in this part of the article to the advantages of using We will pay UPS.

Sudden increase in voltage
Long-term increase in voltage
Sudden voltage drop
interference absorption

Last word

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