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Eaton Power is a reputable company that was founded in 2014 and sends UPS to 175 countries around the world with an annual turnover of about twenty two million dollars. Eaton’s UPS can provide you with electrical, mechanical and hydraulic energy with safe efficiency and stability.

Eaton’s service and support is very strong and it has been very successful in creating and maintaining a strong and successful relationship between customers and the company. In this article, we will discuss more Eaton UPS batteries.

Types of Eaton UPS
The UPS produced by Eaton UPS Manufacturing Company are generally divided into three categories, which we will refer to in this section.

Offline UPS (Off-line)
UPS High Line Introduction (Line-Interactive)
Online UPS (On-line)

Each of these three types of UPS has a different design, but in general, there are commonalities in all UPSs, for example: all UPSs have a battery to store energy and after the AC power is cut off Becomes.
Features of Eaton UPS
Among the UPS features of Eaton UPS company, the following can be mentioned:

These UPS have DSP technology with very high performance (digital signal control).
Mujahr to VFI technology
Creating a complete sine wave at the output and at the time of zero transition from AC mode to battery mode
With protective circuits
It has 5 output power factors
Very high compatibility with the electrical conditions of the environment
Optimizing battery performance
Ability to be parallelized with N+X
The ability to withstand a lot of overload
With a jumper for emergency power off (EPO)
Very easy network management with very convenient application
The ability to work with a generator

Buy UPS Eaton
Eaton is one of the best brands of UPS manufacturers that exports many UPSs to many countries every year. If you are planning to buy Eaton’s UPSs, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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