Megamax UPS Battery

Megamax UPS battery: batteries produced under the Megamax brand are mostly lead acid are improved VRLA. These batteries are a special type of rechargeable lead-acid batteries. But this category has differences with normal lead acid batteries that make it easier to use these batteries. This type of battery does not require the addition of acid or distilled water to the electrolyte, which reduces the cost and trouble of the device. Also, these devices are completely closed and do not need any valves or holes, which helps to improve them. Megamax UPS batteries are mostly made for standby use.

We know that industrial batteries are made at low voltages according to the needs of the industry, mainly for high ampere-hours. But these batteries produced by Megamax, given that they are fully optimized for UPS are designed to feed UPSs and power supplies with normal current. It is true that these batteries produced by Megamax cannot be used for heavy industrial use, but they are great for UPS.

The very reasonable price compared to industrial batteries and the long life span are the advantages of these batteries. These advantages have made this model of batteries the most used in UPS applications. The battery manufacturing company has all the relevant standards in the field of battery production. ISO 9001 and CE certification are examples of evidence of these standards.
Features of Megamax UPS batteries

Well-made body:
The material of the body is one of the things that companies sometimes make without sufficient quality for convenience and to reduce production costs. However, the body of Megamax batteries is made of colored ABS with high quality and good durability. These materials are completely non-recyclable. This makes the megamax UPS batteries immune to physical damage. .

Optimized expansion coefficient:
We know that charging and discharging batteries produce heat according to the laws of physics. The creation of this heat is unavoidable and is a part of the charging and discharging process. However, Megamax has changed the coefficient of expansion and contraction of its UPS batteries in such a way that they are completely resistant to the heat created by charging or discharging the battery. This will prevent the deformation of the battery body, acid leakage and reduce the useful life of the battery.

Fire resistance:
UPS is a device that is commonly used for protection. This issue shows that valuable devices work alongside it. Now imagine a fire or an explosion! Megamax UPS batteries are called FLAME RETARDANT. This term means that they show resistance to high amounts of heat. In fact, the ingredients of Megamax UPS batteries have been optimized so that they can easily withstand high temperatures. In addition to the fact that this battery does not have the possibility of exploding and catching fire, if a fire starts in the place, the battery will not ignite and will not cause the fire to spread in the place.

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Megamax UPS battery

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