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Twenty years ago, the car battery was used only to start and move the engine, but today, with the increasing number of options and technology, the battery is considered to be the most important part of the car. It is done by the computer and sensors, because the weakness and high fluctuations in this part cause disturbances in the car’s sensors and it brings costs, so to increase the life of the car, you must use a good battery.

How to choose the right car battery?
To choose a good battery for your car, you must pay attention to the following points:
Attention to battery amperage
To choose a good battery for your car, you should pay attention to the amperage specified by the battery manufacturer so that it is greater than or equal to the car’s energy consumption. Having a high amperage from a company fabric does not harm your car. Also, if you use additional equipment such as fog lights, audio system and screen, you should use a battery that has a high amperage.
Choose according to the climate of the place of residence
When buying a car battery, pay attention to the climate of the place of residence. The battery suitable for cold areas of Syria is usually labeled with (North) or (N), and the battery suitable for hot areas of Syria has the label (South) or (S). Be sure to pay attention to this point when buying a car battery in very cold and very hot areas.
Choose a good brand
The main factor in choosing the right battery for your car is to pay attention to its brand. By purchasing a good brand battery that has a brilliant history, in addition to providing quality batteries at a reasonable price, it also provides you with after-sales service and warranty. Also, this brand guarantees the health and longevity of its battery.
Symptoms of car battery failure

When you see the following symptoms in your car battery, make sure to replace it:

The engine does not start and there are no signs of the light on the back of the amp
Sometimes the car does not start for days
It does not start in cold weather
The car starts but does not turn on
The battery interferes with the operation of the car’s radio and electrical system within 15 to 30 minutes after the car is turned off.

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