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Municipal energy stabilizers or stabilizers are devices that use various electronic, mechanical or combined methods to control fluctuations in municipal electricity voltage. They are used in a certain range according to the sensitivity on which it is designed. It is important to pay attention to the fact that this device is placed as an intermediary between the city electricity and the consumer and regardless of the changes in the input voltage of city electricity, it determines the input power of the consumer within a certain range and passes on to consumers. One of the best companies producing stabilizers, which has taken a large share of the world market, is Omega Company, in this article we will review Omega Company and Omega Company’s stabilizers.
Omega Co

This company was founded in 1980 by engineers Korean was established in the country and has been able to market quality products with highly experienced and professional staff. Also, this company has been able to export its products to most European, American and Asian countries.

Every year, the amount of exports of this company to other countries is over 25 million dollars, which is known as one of the top companies in the world. In addition to producing stabilizers, the company produces UPS, chargers, inverter, variable pays.

This company produces its stabilizers for export to Iran according to Iranian standards, which makes them sell a lot in Iran. Omega company’s stabilizers are very resistant to city electricity voltage fluctuations and protect your electrical devices from these fluctuations and increase the lifespan of devices and prevent their breakdown.

The stabilizers of Omega company adjust the city electricity between 140 to 260 volts and deliver the power output 220 to 110 volts without any fluctuation.
Where are Omega stabilizers used?

Omega stabilizers can be used in the following cases due to their high strength:

Industrial consumers such as petrochemicals, CNC stations, printing machines, etc.
Health centers and hospitals, such as ultrasound machines and operating rooms, etc.
Laboratories for quality control universities
Home appliances such as television, computer, refrigerator, etc. are used.
And it can be used generally in places such as elevators, water pumps, etc.

last word
Omega company’s stabilizers are one of the most high-quality and practical stabilizers in Iran and the world market. Also, if you are planning to buy stabilizers for industrial places or your home, you can use consultants We at Tesla contact and consult Get free.

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