Foursoil UPS Battery

UPS Forsil batteries are a product of Fasat Kish Company. This company was founded in 2007, relying on the knowledge and experience of its expert and experienced managers in the field of data center infrastructure production. , communication, electricity and electronics industry was established.

This company has cooperated and satisfied many organizations and large companies such as: Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, Irancell Communication Services Company, Haram Awl, Stock Exchange Organization, Tehran Municipality, Information and Communication Technology Organization and Naqsh Aol Quality Company and … has taken over a large part of the Iranian market, and the company of Fasaet Kish is committed to providing the latest technologies with the highest quality to its customers.

This company consists of two departments, which are:

Electricity and Electronics Department
Network and Telecommunications Department

In this article, we will review the electricity and electronics department and UPS batteries of this company.
Electrical and electronic products

The electrical and electronics department is one of the parts of Fasat Kish company that focuses on providing equipment and power supplies. The products of this company in the electrical and electronic department are as follows:

Electrical panel
Silic acid, lithium ion, industrial and telecommunication batteries
stabilizer three-phase and single-phase
Battery rack
Solar inverter

Forsil UPS battery
BOPS batteries of Fasat Kish company, which are marketed under the brand name Forsil, have ISO9001, ISO14001, VDS, and ISO9001 standards. >BS and IEC also these batteries are lead acid and AGM technology is used in making these batteries.

Forsil UPS batteries have a thick shell and are fireproof. Also, these batteries do not need to be repaired and have proven their quality to their customers with the ability to be productive at different temperatures. These UPSs have a stable flow, but the disadvantages of these batteries can be mentioned as having an average battery life.
Where are these batteries used?
These batteries can be used in building security systems, fire alarm systems and medical equipment.

last word
To ensure the quality of its products before selling, this company tests its products in accredited laboratories approved by the Standard Organization, such as Sama Laboratory, Mehrnagar Caspian Laboratory, Amin Akrodit Laboratory, and Fasaet Kish Company with the Standard and Industrial Research Organization of Iran. cooperate to provide all the required items for the testing of their UPS batteries by the standard organization.

Note: All certificates issued by some of the above laboratories can be cited. The products of this company are currently used in banks, government offices, scientific and industrial organizations, factories, hospitals, government organizations and private companies.

The electrical and electronics department of Faset Kish company has sales representatives and after-sales services in all provinces of the country, which provide all the services and support of the company’s contracts as soon as possible and in a centralized manner. he is doing it.

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