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Faratel Company on 27th June 1352 It was officially established. The records of Faratel’s unofficial activity go back to the beginning of the business cooperation between two companies, Faraday and Telfan, four years earlier, i.e. 1348. Two companies that have a brilliant record of cooperation with each other in the past.
At a time when not only there was no sign of Iranian manufacturing companies in the field of electronic equipment and devices in the country, but also many famous brands of the world had not started selling.
This is how the slogan “Leader of electronic industries in Iran” for Faratel was selected. During these 40 years, Faratel has always tried to be based on its motto with effort, creativity and innovation and maintain its leading position in this industry.
The records of Faratel in these years can be divided into 5 periods, and each of these periods can be considered as a step towards the development of the country’s electronics industry and service to the Iranian consumer.

UPS Faratel company in the years between 48 and 56

1348 – start of business cooperation between two Farade and Telfan companies
1348– Production and supply of the first joint product of two companies called Telebox
1350– Production and supply of the first zero-band telephone device in the country at the same time as the opening of the first microwave communication line between Tehran, Isfahan and Shiraz
1352– Faratel company was established by combining two Telfan and Faraday companies
1354-Design and production of electronic multi-line telephone device and assigning its license to Barphone France
1355-design, production and supply of the first emergency power device (UPS) country called Pharmajic as the first UPS made in-house, which is received by many organizations, offices and banks of the country were encountered.
1356– Design, production and supply of automatic transformers to protect refrigerators and freezers or other electrical or electronic devices of buildings, which during these years, newer models and technologies of this product by Faratel company It has been produced and supplied which has been used very widely. Currently, more than 4.5 million devices of this category are installed and used in different capacities and models across the country and in homes, and this number of products means more than 20 % of households in the country

UPS Faratel company in the years between 59 and 72

1360 – One of the characteristics of this era is the design and production of equipment needed by the country in order to be self-sufficient and meet the needs of the country.
1370 – including products manufactured by Faratel in During this period, the design, production and supply of audio amplifier devices of the Public Address type, known as Mac180, were used to amplify the sound. In the following years, the production of this series of amplifier devices was developed and led to the production of Faratel digital eco-amplifiers up to 2000 and 3000 watts. Although according to Faratel’s policies of focusing on the design and production of equipment and protection devices for electrical systems and despite the huge supply of this category of products in many circles and <a href="https://teslaco.net/c /ups/application/organization/"Government or private organizations including schools, mosques or cultural centers, in the 80s decided to stop its production became
1372 – From this year, the design and production of stabilizers or voltage stabilizers, which are responsible for protecting electrical and electronic systems against power fluctuations, in different models and powers, has started in Faratel. which continues until now.

UPS Faratel company in the years between 73 and 80
Moving towards the specialized design and production of uninterruptible power supplies, or UPS, in models and diverse technologies and finally investment in order to develop the portfolio of products of this category are among the main characteristics of this period.

1373– Design and laboratory production of UPS (UPS) Ferroresonant based on Faratel’s valuable experiences of the conditions, characteristics and problems of the country’s electricity network – it is necessary to explain that the production technology of this category of UPS was localized for the first time by Faratel and due to this The issue is that Iran ranked third in the country producer of this category of UPS after America and Germany.
1374– The mass production and supply of ferroresonant UPS in 1000 to 5000 volt amps started this year due to very special specifications. These types of UPS are still being produced and supplied in the 3 and 5 kVA category. During these years and due to the satisfaction of many customers and users of this product, Faratel has received many approvals from many scientific, research and research centers.
1377– The design and production of the first category of microprocessor and intelligent UPS in the country under the name of SMART UPS, which is in order to respond to the need caused by the rapid expansion of personal computers in the country and It was produced in 400 and 425 volt amp hours. This category of UPS was also developed later, so that it was produced in different capacities and models.
1378– Faratel ferroresonant microprocessor UPS was designed and produced in this year.
* From the beginning of UPS production in 1374 and also their microprocessorization, Faratel company started designing, implementing and producing UPS management and control software systems under the name UPS Wingpro has shown that this category of products has developed a lot since then.
1380 – Production of sinusoidal and smart UPS with Line Interactive Faratel known as SSP or Smart Sine Plus models in early 2019
1380 – production of sinusoidal and smart UPS with On line Double Conversion and of the Transformer Less type known as SDC or Smart Double Conversion models at the end of the first 3 months of 2018

UPS Faratel company in the years between 82 and 89

The continuation of the movement process in the third period in the field of UPS and non-UPS product portfolio development, quality management systems upgrade, etc., has been one of the special features of this period, which can be boldly called the leap period. Bland called Faratel.

1382 – Establishing the quality management system ISO9001:2000 and obtaining its license and certificate
1383 – diversifying the production of Faratel dry battery cabinets or containers, including the production of the first series of battery cabinets with chargers
1386 – receiving the statue and plaque of the sample industrial unit year 1386 on the 10th of July and coinciding with the day of industry and mining from the honorable minister of industries and mines at the time, which is a certificate of good management and effort The diligence of employees is on the path of entrepreneurship.
1386 – Design and production of the first microprocessor stabilizer with unique specifications and features called STB12000
1388 – Faratel was selected as a production model unit by the Department of Social Affairs of Tehran Province and received a statue and a certificate of appreciation on this occasion.
1389 – After years of research and effort, the new generation of digital UPS for the first time in the Middle East and completely locally in two ON-line Double Conversion Technology and Line Interactive under the names Cadilac (Cadillac means unique) and DSS or Digital Smart Sine >Designed and produced. These two categories of Faratel products have brought a lot of benefits and capabilities to consumers by using the latest technology in the world, i.e. DSP Full Digital.
1389 – upgrading the quality management system or ISO Faratel to ISO9001:2008
1389 – Opening of the first Faratel branch in Isfahan

UPS Faratel company in the years between 1390 and now

It can be said that the fifth period of Faratel’s activity is the peak period of coordination with the world’s technology and localization of this technology inside the country. General changes and fundamental changes in appearance and appearance of products are among the main features of this era. Paying attention to the new needs of users due to the change in technology and the use of other products that require Faratel products is also one of the features considered in the design of products of this era.

1390– Development of product design towards UPS and battery cabinets Small Footprint
1390– Design and supply of the first automatic digital refrigerator transformer under the name DigiPower6
1390- Design and production of the country’s first three-phase UPS under the name Cadillac 3-phase with DSP Full Digital technology
1390– Added the ability to parallelize 10 KV Faratel UPSs
1390– Added Redundancy feature to Faratel 10 kVA UPSs
1390– Design and production of the first UPS output control board under the name MBS or Manual Bypass
1390– Creation of special features of output power factor 1 (Output Power Factor) in DSS series UPS
1390– Design and supply of serial to network converters with full Persian language support
1390– Designing and supplying a powerful software system Fara Monitor for the centralized management of UPS installed in a wide geographical area (for example, the whole country)
1390– design and mass production of new series Line-Interactive UPS Named VENUS
2012– Research in the field of batteries and choosing one of the top 10 manufacturers of dry sealed acid batteries in the world to produce MACUPS batteries with the highest quality and safety standards.
2016- The design and production of a new generation of Faratel stabilizers called Prince; Prince products are designed and produced exclusively for home consumers, and in the near future we will see a variety of products for other uses as well. .
2017– Received the golden statue of the National Day of Industry and Mining and the plaque of “Iran’s Top Pioneer of Electronic Industries” from the Ministry of Industries
1397– Upgrading the quality management system or ISOFaratel to ISO9001:2015
1397– UPS design DSS1500BW able to be installed on the wall and equipped with internal battery for home and store use
1397– UPS design LIFT for BLACKOUT elevator system and significant features compared to similar foreign UPS
1397– Product design Automatic Transfer Switch(ATS)

Brief introduction of Faratel company
– Currently, more than 4.5 million Faratel transformers and stabilizers have been installed and operated throughout the country, and more than half a million Faratel UPS devices have been handed over.
– Now Faratel is a family of 5000 people It includes its own personnel and a network of sales representatives and after-sales services throughout the country, and among the 500 Faratel official personnel, more than 135 people with bachelor’s and master’s degrees are graduates of domestic universities and are of average age. The company’s personnel is 26 years old.
– Currently, 8500 square meters of the area of ​​Faratel factory is covered by production, and this space is expanding day by day.
Faratel has more than 80 after-sales service centers across the country and always conducts training courses to improve the scientific and technical knowledge of its agents. has done for them.

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