Pagen pickup car battery

Pajan Van and Pajan Pickup is an SUV and off-road car with two differentials, which is manufactured by Tirad Automotive Company, and in fact, it can be said that this car is a copy of the British Land Rover Defender, which is famous for making four-wheel drive cars. This off-road vehicle is equipped with a 3-liter engine that produces only 161 horsepower, and with a 5-speed manual transmission, you can drive the 1900 kg Pajan up to a maximum of 170 km/h.

Pajan is one of the popular cars among Iranians who are interested in off-road because it has a very high flexibility and the second-hand market and its buying and selling is very prosperous in Iran. It is powerful.

Among the consumables of this car, we can mention its battery, which needs to be replaced at different times. In this article, we will further examine the fabric batteries of this car and the batteries suitable for Pajan cars.

Pajan Pikab fabric battery
For this car, Martab company has chosen a 66 amp battery as the fabric battery of this car.

Battery capacity

66 amp battery hours

battery voltage

12 volts

Battery model

Atomic shield

arrangement of poles

Short base of the left pole

Size of batteries

Battery length = 27 cm. Battery width = 19 cm. Battery height = 22 cm

Iranian or Korean battery suitable for Pajan
These two battery models are mostly used in Pajan cars:

1- Iranian battery suitable for Pajan: produced by Saba Battery (Niro), Sepahan Battery, Barna Battery, etc., manufactured in Iran

2- Korean battery suitable for Pajan: produced by Delcor, Atlas Bx, Global, Hyundai, etc., produced in South Korea

Pagen battery life
The lifespan of Pajan batteries depends on various factors, but apart from these factors, the average lifespan of Pajan batteries is between 2 to 3 years. Among the factors affecting the battery life, the following can be mentioned.

Country of manufacture of batteries
Battery manufacturer brand
Battery type (acidic and wet)
Battery capacity
Battery failure date
car battery manufacturing date

Last word

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