Toyota FG Cruiser car battery

At a time when the Hummer was known as one of the best SUVs in the world, Toyota decided to launch a different product to compete with the American Hummer, and decided to revive the classic FJ model, and decided that the car would have a similar design to the Hummer. be

Although this car entered our country in 1387, its corporate models entered the market in Iran from 1390 to 1392, mainly in the “Extreme” type, and during this time it was recognized as a car with a youthful appearance.

But in 2013, due to the law prohibiting the import of luxury cars (more than 2500 cc), the supply of Afji Cruiser to the Iranian market was stopped, and now the used models of this attractive Japanese car have a hot market among off-road fans in Iran. Technically, this car is equipped with a 6-cylinder 4-liter engine with a power of 270 horsepower, which produces 380 Nm of torque and transmits the power generated by the engine to all four wheels through a 5-speed automatic transmission.

This car, in addition to being very strong, but like all cars, it has some consumables. Among the consumables of this car, we can refer to its battery, which we will further examine the suitable battery and fabric battery of Toyota FJ Cruze.

Fabric Toyota FJ Cruze battery
Toyota Company has chosen a 70 amp battery for this car as the fabric battery of this car, but a 90 amp battery can also be used in this car. In the table below, we will introduce more specifications of Toyota FG Cruise fabric battery.

Battery amperage

70 to 90 amps

Battery voltage

12 volts

pole arrangement

Long base – left pole

If you connect additional accessories such as audio system and powerful lights to your car, you should use more powerful batteries.
The most suitable battery for Toyota FJ Cruze
Iranian and Korean batteries are among the most suitable batteries for the Toyota FJ Cruze available in the Iranian market. Batteries of Sepahan Battery, Brena and Saba companies in recent years using modern European devices and technologies They have increased the quality of their batteries, and Iranian batteries have after-sales service and a valid corporate warranty.

Korean batteries have a long lifespan and very good quality, that’s why they have many fans in the Iranian market, but Iranian companies are also progressing along with foreign companies.

Battery life of Toyota FJ Cruze
As you know, the lifespan of car battery depends on various factors such as weather, how to maintain the battery, driving model, brand of battery manufacturer. It depends on the country of the manufacturer of the battery, but in general, the battery life of the Toyota FG Cruze factory is between three and five years.

Last word

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