Zuma UPS Battery

UPS battery is responsible for supplying the electrical power required by the UPS, so it can be considered the main part of any UPS device.

In order for the UPS we use to have enough power and efficiency, a strong battery is required. and suitable for the requested and required power, voltage and current used in it.

Zuma is one of the brands that produces UPS batteries. Batteries made by this brand are also used in various cases in Iran.

Introduction and features
UPS products manufactured by Zuma have acceptable features that have made many managers consider them as UPS to choose their devices. In the following, we will mention some of these features of Zuma UPS batteries:

acquiring international standard and valid badges

UPS batteries produced by Zuma, at the very beginning of their work, managed to receive three of the most famous standard and quality certificates in the world.

ISO 9001, as one of the main quality assurance criteria, ISO 14001 as well as CE standard. These standards have made it much easier to trust Zuma UPS batteries because the credibility and warranty that these international certificates bring are with Zuma UPS batteries.

High safety factor

Zuma UPS batteries have a high degree of safety. These batteries have been designed by professional researchers and engineers in such a way that they can maintain safety in any situation and human or system risks and damages have been prevented.

High diversity

Zuma batteries in two series nickel cadmium and lead acid shielded ) is offered to the market. This diversity gives the applicants a lot of choice and you can find the right battery for any function and any budget and your hand will be open to choose.


The ignition of UPS batteries can occur for multiple reasons. In many cases, in addition to destroying the device itself, these ignitions also damage other devices by disrupting the flow of electricity. Zuma batteries are non-flammable, so if you plan to use a Zuma battery for a UPS, you don’t have to worry about this at all.
Other features of Zuma UPS battery:

Suitable dimensions for any amount of space
High quality design and production and materials used
Short charging time
Long charging time
No need for repairs
Long battery life and a large number of charge and discharge cycles

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