Alcad UPS Battery

A battery is placed inside the UPS; Under normal conditions where the voltage is properly present, using electric current, this battery charger will be Then, when needed, the energy stored in this battery is used as an energy source.

Nickel Cadmium batteries are among the most widely used <a href="http://"battery types in making UPS. A reputable and reliable Ni-Cd battery manufacturer worldwide. , Alcad Company.

Introduction of Alcad Company
Alcad is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of NiCad batteries for Energy backup and UPS manufacturing have been used in the industry. The company offers a wide range of advanced Ni-Cd batteries that are designed to achieve optimum power, safety and reliability.

This company has obtained valid international certificates. Among these certificates, we can mention ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The company was originally established in year 1918 as “Batteries Limited” and has undergone several name changes since then. Among them, we can mention Chloride Alkad (1982-1973) and Marathon Alkad (1983-1987). Alcad It is originally a Swedish company and as said for a hundred years With knowledge and experience, it operates in the field of Nickel Cadmium UPS battery technology and uses its capabilities for the global supply of advanced batteries.
Characteristics of Alkad brand battery
The unique advantages of this company are:

Portable battery technology based on the use of nickel cadmium system
Global access to services and the borderless provision of this technology
Unparalleled focus on battery quality and performance
More than a century of experience in making nickel-cadmium batteries for UPS.

Battery combinations
The batteries made in this company have different types with different compositions and according to the efficiency and the place of use and the capabilities of UPS Expected, can choose the right battery. However, they generally use electrodes made of nickel compounds, which is generally nickel hydrate (NiOOH) as the positive electrode. Spongy cadmium (Cd) plays a role as the negative electrode and diluted potassium hydroxide (KOH) solution as the electrolyte in these batteries.

Features of UPS Alcad batteries

The very high operating time of the provided batteries, which leads to a long life UPS.
High durability and endurance against electrical and mechanical stresses that threaten UPS in different environments.
The amount of spontaneous discharge is negligible and close to zero.
The amount of internal resistance is small, which increases the life and efficiency.
High durability of products
Maintaining the batteries made by this company is not particularly difficult.
Some products of this company are made for limited spaces so that they can be used in all places by occupying the right space.

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