Chinese UPS

Chinese UPS
Many countries have reached the technology of making quality UPS. Among these countries, we can mention the populous country of China, this populous country also needs UPS has attempted to localize UPS and is now one of the UPS exporters in the world.

Advantages of Chinese UPS
One of the most famous brands of
UPS China, KSTAR provides quality UPS. Also, the UPS of this company have good output power quality and most of the models of this brand are available in the market at a cheap or medium price, which is why the UPS of this company is an option for small office and home centers. They are suitable and have good efficiency and durability for use in these places.

And this brand is one of the most well-known brands in Iran. In a way that its popularity is more and better known than other Chinese brands. Their electricity efficiency is close to 94%, which is only 1% less than their European counterparts.

Another advantage of these UPS is their small dimensions and in these UPS batteries are placed together vertically and can be used almost anywhere; All in all, Chinese UPSs have good performance for single-phase applications.
Among other Chinese UPS supplier brands, the following can be mentioned:

Star plus
UPS Kehua

Features of Chinese UPS
The output power factor of Chinese UPS is 90%, which means only 10% of the electric power reserved and stored in UPS battery At the end of the battery consumption period, the battery will not be available and the batteries must be charged before 90% discharge.

In general, if you need a UPS with high power and good output power quality, you can use Chinese UPS, which can meet your needs with their low price and relatively good quality. Administrative Centers and home provide. You can also choose models with VA 10000 volt ampere for medical centers. and use Medical Equipment.
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