Car Battery Based on Amper

The car battery is one of the consumable parts of the car, which has the task of providing the electricity necessary to turn on the engine, lighting system and other components of the car, and the weakness of the car battery causes problems in the car, such as: the car does not start. .

As you know, all car batteries are 12 volts, but the amperes are different from each other. We will pay the car based on the amperage and the methods of keeping the battery healthy.
ampere of a battery

The easiest way to find out the amperage of the car battery is to lift the hood of the car and on the battery, the ampere of the car is written next to (AH). But if your car battery is old and the sticker is torn off, there are other ways to know the amperage of your car battery.

The amperage of a battery can be determined by its size and smallness, for example, the bigger the battery, the more amperage it has, and other factors that affect the amperage of a battery are the chemicals used in it. Generallycar batteries by car model 550 to 1000 are strong> amps.
How to keep the car battery healthy?

In this part of the article, we will examine the methods of handling the car battery and keeping the car battery healthy.

To keep the car battery healthy, you should diagnose it every six months
Always make sure the battery is charged
If the life of your car battery is more than 3 years, make sure it is healthy before the start of winter
Check all the cables connected to the battery and make sure they are healthy
Park the car in the winter
Check the connection of the battery to the car and clean it.
When the car battery is weak, fill its cells with distilled water.
Learn how to start properly.

last word
When the battery fails, the car engine does not start and the power does not reach the back of the car’s amp. When you see these symptoms, take the car to a mechanic and check the car in general because it is possible that the problem is not the battery and the main problem is the car starter and car alternator. be

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