What is the best UPS for home use?


In fact, emergency power is used in many homes. One of the best home emergency power systems is UPS. In principle, UPS is one of the systems that, in addition to increasing the safety of electrical appliances against It will prevent shutdown of the connected devices as a back-up when there is a power outage in the city .

Home UPS devices

Home UPS are among the most popular UPS these days that >Most people use them for home and small purposes. fluctuations and power cuts in the city cause much disruption in people’s work; In addition, it causes damage to electric and electronic appliances.

How does the home UPS system work?

Domestic electricity, or urban electricity, has many fluctuations, which can sometimes cause serious harm to consumers. Home consumers, such as refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, etc., are very sensitive to electricity fluctuations and after a while, they experience problems. The solution to this problem is to use an electrical protector.

UPSs are basically systems that are saved automatically when there is a power outage or a voltage drop. In the battery it sends the UPS to the equipment. More than half of the UPS are produced for home and office use and are generally up to 5000 amps.

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What are the duties of home UPS?

As said; When there was city electricity, UPSs were responsible for correcting the voltage and removing the noise and fluctuations of the city electricity, and they protect household devices against electrical problems, and in the event of a city electricity outage, they fill the vacuum caused by the lack of electricity. They compensate.

Best UP What is S for home use?

UPS actually stores the incoming electricity in its battery and even during intermittent times, the electricity is available immediately in less than milliseconds. enters the circuit in the battery. From another angle, the ability to manage household electricity consumption is also one of the remarkable things that can be controlled with UPS; In this way, when the power consumption drops, the UPS battery is supplied, and during the peak consumption, the UPS battery is used for the purpose of power supply.

need to purchase and use home UPS

electronic devices in homes that are used daily for communication, security, entertainment, etc.; They are at risk of damage and failure resulting from power outages, voltage fluctuations, or other electrical disturbances. Among the devices and equipments that need UPS in homes, the following can be mentioned:

Wireless network equipment such as router, modem

security systems

Automatic parking garage doors

TV, computer

Advantages of buying home UPS

These days, UPS are seen in all fields of work and can be seen in all applications such as home, office and organizational UPS. Most of the UPS are purchased annually only for home and personal use; This is due to the many advantages of UPS in homes.

Having a UPS at home protects most expensive home appliances such as video systems and… against power fluctuations; In this way, the life of household appliances increases; Because the value of most household appliances in a normal house exceeds 20 million Tomans.

On the other hand, as mentioned; The ability to manage household electricity consumption is also important; In this way, by using UPS, you can be sure that your most important electronic devices will be in complete safety. .

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The power of home UPS

The capacities of specific UPSs for home use are low and they have a low price in the same proportion. These types of UPS are often 1 and 2 and kva3 and also v500; In this way, you can buy a suitable UPS by paying a much lower price than the price of your home appliances and equipment. > Provide with long life.

Basically, home UPS generally have a power between 1000 and 2000 volts and some of the very small ones are less than 1000 volts. > They have power amps. generally by using a UPS of about 1000 volt ampere type with online circuit, you can supply all the needs of the house for a period of 2 to 4 hours. do it

Of course, the price of this type of home UPS is also different according to the power of the UPS and the storage time. Generally, the smallest 12-volt UPS with a price of less than 100 thousand tomans supplies a current of 7.5 volts and ampere hours and accordingly stores electricity for about 2-3 hours. to do

It should be noted that there are UPSs with a price of more than 1 million Tomans, which are actually single-phase UPSs and different types of Iranian and foreign brands. are placed in this domain.

Best UP What is S for home use?

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