Elevators and lifts

Nowadays, you can hardly find a building that does not use an elevator. Elevator is known as a cargo and passenger transport system between floors of multi-story buildings

And people can move between the floors and get off at the desired floor in a short time without getting tired by being in its inner area.

Considering that currently the most populated cities of Iran, especially Tehran, are moving towards the construction of residential buildings. >, administrative and commercial have become high-ranking, hence the necessity of using an elevator and its importance in such buildings is not hidden from anyone.

As you know, the elevator is an electronic-mechanical device that is directly powered by the city electricity, and if the city electricity is cut off, the elevator will also stop working.

The necessity of using UPS for elevators and lifts
In buildings that are built with many floors, elevator failure, even for a few minutes, can cause inconvenience to the residents and trouble them.

Therefore, building managers and especially construction contractors try to prevent such incidents as much as possible by providing solutions.
Use of UPS for elevators and lifts
One of the things that can be used to protect the parts and boards used in the elevator and prevent its untimely shutdown is the use of UPS for elevators and lifts.

This model of UPS, which is specially designed and made for use in elevators and lifts, is By being placed between the city electricity and the power supply of the elevator, it can neutralize the fluctuations of the city electricity and provide uniform electricity for the use of the elevator.

With this work, the parts and boards used in the elevator motor will certainly work for a much longer period of time and the cost of repairing and maintaining the elevator will be significantly reduced.

In addition to this advantage of using UPS for elevators and elevators can be an advantage He also mentioned another, and that is the benefit of UPS for elevators and lifts from strong and powerful batteries.

The batteries in the UPS for elevators and elevators have the ability to enter the electricity from the batteries into the current circuit in the event of a city power outage and prevent the elevators from shutting down during power outages.
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