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Our commercial company is ready to serve its customers all over Iran and even foreign countries in the field of providing all kinds of electrical and electronic equipment, especially UPS and emergency power equipment.

Buyers and customers of our products can contact our colleagues to order the equipment they need through the following phone numbers.

In order to receive advice and guidance for purchasing any electrical and electronic goods from our collection for devices and equipment at your workplace or home, you can communicate with our colleagues through the contact us page. Our colleagues will gladly answer all your requests as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, criticisms and suggestions about the products of the Tesla trading company, such as price, quality, performance, shipping method, after-sales service, etc., you can contact the experts of the Tesla trading company through the following communication channels. be in touch

The ways to contact us are as follows:

  • the address of Central office: Tehran – Shahid Modares Highway – Motahari St. – Mehrdad St. – not reaching the main street of Pour – Tesla building
  • phone number: +982188860000
  • Essential contact number: +989104609393
  • Telegram and WhatsApp address: @teslaups
  • E-mail: info [at] teslaco [dot] net

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