Rack and Cabinet Battery

Protection and maintenance of UPS battery is of great importance, for this reason a special high-strength case has been produced to store it, this rack cabinet and battery cabinet is called. The design of the dimensions and size of the battery cabinet is done according to the variation in the dimensions and size of the UPS battery, so to protect all types of batteries. UPS can be used in a suitable battery rack and cabinet.

The unique design of various battery cabinet models in addition to storage, from UPS battery protects against physical connections and impacts and physical pressures and causes movement and transportation And it becomes easier to quote. Strong and high-quality metal sheets are used to make the battery cabinet, and for more durability and longevity, the sheets are painted using oil paints.

The battery cabinet door allows changing the battery cable settings, access to the battery for repairs and protection of the battery from environmental factors such as light, sun, rain, dirt, oil, gasoline, etc.

In general, when the batteries must be placed outside the area or in places where there is a possibility of damage, the battery cabinet is used.
Battery cabinet selection guide
There are different types of battery cabinets in terms of the number of floors, such as one-floor battery cabinets, two-floor battery cabinets, three-floor battery cabinets, and four-floor battery cabinets. Therefore, it is better to choose the best type according to your needs when choosing it.

When choosing the size and dimensions of the battery cabinet, be sure to pay attention to the amperage and the dimensions and volume of the battery, because with the increase in the amperage, the dimensions and volume of the battery will increase.

To further protect your equipment, be sure to use ventilated battery racks and cabinets.

The main features of the battery cabinet

Easy and convenient installation
Innovative design for easy access to the battery
Occupying little space (saving space)
Easy to move (light weight)
It has different sizes to store different batteries
Installation of ventilation on its four sides
High strength
The ability to store heavy batteries
The ability to add a base for easy portability
Painted coating to increase resistance
The possibility of placing cabinets on top of each other
Sheets with suitable and standard thickness

Buying guide from Tesla store
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