Car battery based on car model

Each car has its own special technical specifications and design, and according to these technical specifications, each car requires its own consumable parts. battery is also considered as part of car consumables and batteries are based on car models and The basis of the electricity that a car needs is built. For example, you can’t use Pride car battery in Land Cruiser car because Pride system needs less power to start, that’s why Pride battery is weaker. In this article, we will examine the car battery based on the car model.
Types of car batteries

Car batteries are divided into different categories in the world, but in Iran, the most common ones are atomic batteries and acid batteries, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. There are disadvantages that we will discuss further.
Atomic batteries
Atomic batteries consist of lead antimony and calcium, these types of batteries are hybrid and double alloy are Atomic batteries are mostly used in hot and dry climates, which require little maintenance.

This type of battery has a long lifespan, which is one of its most important features.
The method of making an atomic battery
In the construction of this type of battery, charging plates are used and these plates are placed on top of each other and are offered to the market in special formats. Atomic batteries have three lights, and we will introduce each of these lights below.

green color means the battery is completely healthy and fully charged
White color means the car battery is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced.
Brown color means that the battery is technically sound but has no charge.

Acid batteries
Acidic batteries are made of lead and calcium. Among the advantages of this type of batteries, we can mention their resistance to discharge, fast charging, and no need to No maintenance and…

Lead acid batteries have a longer lifespan than atomic batteries. But one of the disadvantages of this type of battery is that they can be discharged, which becomes technically defective.
Battery maintenance methods

Check the car battery once every six months and make sure it is charged. And if three years have passed since the life of your battery, be sure to check it at the beginning of winter. Other battery maintenance items include the following:

Check the cables connected to the battery
Clean the connection between the battery and the car
To protect the battery, put the car in a covered parking lot.
Fill the battery cells with distilled water.
Learn the correct way to start.

last word
The car battery is the most important part of the car, which, in addition to the responsibility of starting the car and turning on the engine, has the responsibility of providing electricity to the car systems. If you were also planning to buy a car battery, you can contact our consultants at Tesla Company and Get a free consultation

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