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One of the most successful cars of the Audi company is the Audi TT, which was unveiled in Germany in 2006 and entered Iran a year later. Due to its high quality, this car has no technical problems, but due to its small interior space, it is suitable for It is not for families. Among the other disadvantages of this car, we can mention the scarcity of Audi parts and services in Iran, and the supply of parts for this car is one of the challenges faced by Audi buyers, but you should also know that Audi products They are famous for having low depreciation of consumables in the world.

One of the consumables of this car is the Audi TT batteries, which must be replaced after several years of use. In this article, we will review the Audi TT battery and the most suitable battery for this car.

The most suitable battery for the Audi TT car
Audi company has considered 60 amp batteries for this car, but you can use 66 and 74 amp batteries for Audi TT, but if you use additional equipment such as strong lamps and audio systems, you should use batteries with higher amperage. use
Guide to buying Audi TT car batteries
Guide to buying a car battery Another issue that should be considered when buying a battery is the amperage of the battery. That is, we need to know how many amps the car’s electrical system needs. If your car has additional electrical consumers such as audio system or powerful lamps, you should choose a higher battery amp. For example, for Audi tt, whose factory battery is 60 amperes, in case of using an additional consumer, at least 74 amperes should be used.

Last word

The lifespan of a car battery is two to three years, provided that the battery you use must be manufactured by manufacturing companies. There are also high-quality Iranian and Korean batteries that produce Audi TT car batteries. If you are also looking to buy batteries for this car, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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