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Today, with the expansion of cities and electronic services in all cities and communities, the use and urgent need for electricity is observed, in such a way that today nothing can be done in the absence of electricity, for this reason, the environments that consume electricity are much more than the past and the amount The consumption of frogs in the communities has also increased greatly.

Due to the increase in the amount of electricity consumed in the communities in every season of the year, the production and supply of electricity for the use of the general public by specialized organizations in this field sometimes face some problems and challenges as a result of the problems of fluctuations and outages. It becomes frequent and daily in the flow of municipal and industrial electricity.

But today, by carrying out researches, devices called UPS and UPS batteries are designed, manufactured and supplied. The general nature of these devices is to provide the process of electricity flow during fluctuations and outages of urban electricity. In addition to them, some industrial UPS are also produced, which are used for high voltage applications in some places.

The UPS device alone is responsible for receiving electric current from the city electricity during a power outage and storing it in the UPS battery and providing a constant flow of electricity during a power outage for uses that UPS batteries without UPS devices They cannot store electric current alone and be efficient. Next, with Teslaco, we will review Hejir Sanat UPS.

UPS of Hajir Sanat

One of the activities in the hardware industry is UPS repair. As you know, UPS is a power supply that requires electricity.

A UPS is also known as a power supply that sits between the utility system and the consumer device, preventing noise and network disruption to sensitive consumer devices. The uninterruptible power supply supplies your device’s battery with the power it needs.

UPSs, like other electrical products, have problems that require repair. You should know that UPS repairs are special and should never be repaired by the general public.

UPS-Hajir -Sanat

Hajir Sanat is one of the Iranian manufacturers of UPS devices and industrial, household UPS batteries. .. that produced UPS batteries have the ability to work for many years with quality and strength. But sometimes, due to reasons such as frequent and excessive power outages, lack of proper and basic maintenance of UPS devices and batteries, and not paying attention to some recommendations in charging and discharging these devices, problems and malfunctions occur in these devices are created.

Hajir Sanat UPS repairs

VPS devices and Hejir Sanat batteries have strong after-sales services due to their high usage and high demand among consumers, which can be used in case of various problems and failures.

Most of the time, UPS repairs occur as a result of the failure of one of the internal parts, such as the power supply or voltage source of UPS devices and UPS batteries, which in the absence of timely or correct and basic repairs will cause the entire system to fail. For this reason, if you are involved in the maintenance of these types of devices, you must have the necessary expertise and knowledge.

How to repair Hejir Sanat UPS

The first and most important point that you should know and remember about UPS devices is to maintain and maintain these devices according to the principles and according to the instructions, because if you do not properly maintain the devices PS and UPS battery may have problems and breakdowns within two years.

But the most important point above is that when the UPS device and its battery fail and cause problems, do not throw the device away in any way, because buying a new UPS device and battery is much more expensive than repairing it. PS is current.


In case of failure and causing problems for Hejir Sanat UPS battery, it can be done by performing steps such as opening the UPS cover, preparing a new battery for replacement, separating the damaged battery from the UPS, replacing the new battery in place of the old battery. Closing the cover of the UPS device, pressing the power button to start the device, followed the principles of care, especially with sufficient information about these devices, did the repairs.

Common defects and problems in UPS failure

Due to the fact that UPS devices and batteries have the role of resistance and shield against possible dangers in power interruptions, they have problems and breakdowns in some parts and times, which are the most common causes and defects of devices and UPS batteries can be referred to as not turning on the device, turning on the device without giving output, not charging the UPS battery, giving the device an error.

UPS -common-defects

How to maintain UPS

Because UPS devices and batteries are highly sensitive in use, more attention should be paid to the maintenance of these devices as one of the first, most important and main points of maintenance. UPS devices and batteries can be used to carry out all the activities of the device’s instructions, and all the tips and recommendations related to the device’s maintenance are available in the instructions with all the details.

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Last word

In the above article, we reviewed UPS, Hejir Sanat UPS, repairs of Hejir Sanat UPS, how to repair Hejir Sanat UPS, faults and common reasons for UPS failure and how to maintain UPS for you. By reading and having this article, you will find the most accurate and useful answers to all your related questions.

Frequently asked questions about Hejir Sanat UPS repairs

How is Hejir Sanat UPS repairs?

According to the above article, Hejir Sanat UPS repairs have some steps that should be taken care of while performing these steps.

What is the repair process of Hejir Sanat UPS?

UPS devices have some common defects and problems, which we have addressed in the above article and how to repair VPS devices.

What are the common defects and problems in UPS?

Not turning on the device, turning on the device without giving output, not charging the UPS battery, giving an error are some of the most common faults of UPS.

What is the UPS maintenance method?

The main and most important way to maintain a UPS is to read and follow the instructions of the UPS device.

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