Toyota Hilux car battery

The process of Hilux price changes in the last two decades was such that this model changed its use from a cheap but tough pickup to a luxury and expensive car.

The eighth generation of this car came to Iran in 2016 with two versions, manual and automatic. This generation of Hilux has the same four-cylinder Prado engine. Its four-wheel drive system still lacks central locking, but unlike the seventh generation, it is electronically adjusted.

The 7th generation Hilux, whether in the single-cabin or the double-cabin model, has a special off-road suspension, and for this reason, all imported models of the 8th generation Hilux became known as “long double-cabin” in our country. Hilux is still one of the most reliable cars in the market these days. Like all the cars in the market, this car has several consumables.

One of these accessories is the battery of this car. There are different brands of batteries for this car in the Iranian market, but the question of many Hilux owners is which is the best battery for Toyota Hilux. In this article, we will examine the most suitable fabric batteries for Toyota Hilux.

Fabric Toyota Hilux battery
Toyota Company has chosen a 70 amp battery for this car as the fabric battery of this car. In the following table, we will examine more specifications of Toyota Hilux fabric battery.


12 volts


60 to 70 amps

Battery type

acid battery (wet) and atomic battery (dry)

The dimensions of the battery compartment

24.2 x 17.5 x 19 cm

The arrangement of the poles

The long base of the left pole

The most suitable battery for Toyota Hilux
Among the most suitable brands for Toyota Hilux, we can mention Iranian and Korean brands. As we said in the table above, the best type of battery for this car is acid and atomic batteries, but considering the advantages of shielded batteries over acid batteries, we recommend We use atomic batteries.
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If you have installed a professional audio system with an amplifier or amplified lights on your Toyota Hilux, be sure to use a battery with a higher amperage capacity.

For Toyota Hilux, the factory has determined the battery fabric and the standard that it has installed based on the car’s electricity needs, and if you install a new electric part, you must Upgrade the car’s battery so that over time the car and the battery will not be a problem.

Toyota Hilux battery life
The battery life basically depends on your consumption and the climatic conditions of your region, and a battery may last one year and the same battery in another car may last 3 years. The battery loses its quality sooner in tropical areas and high-traffic roads. Alternator failure or car power theft is the main cause of battery failure.

But Iranian batteries last up to 2 years.

Last word

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