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Currently, there are many offices with different fields of activity in different cities of Iran. They say that each of them has their own special equipment. Certainly, many of these equipments have been used by electronic departments and special electronic parts and boards have been used in them.

One of the disadvantages of such devices is that special care must be taken so that their boards and parts are not damaged or burned.
Due to the fact that in many offices these devices are currently connected directly to the city electricity without protection, we felt it necessary to discuss the disadvantages of this work and the ways to prevent damage to the devices in this article. Electronic administration, we would like to provide explanations to you, dear visitors, so that if you are the manager or supervisor of a certain office, you can make the best decision regarding taking care of your devices.

Disadvantages of directly connecting devices to electricity in organizations
One of the main reasons why it is recommended not to connect office electronic devices to city electricity is that city electricity has many fluctuations that affect the health of the parts and boards used.
It is very harmful in your office devices and if the condition continues, it can cause burns and failure of all or part of your sometimes expensive office device.
Another reason for which it is recommended to avoid direct connection of office equipment to city electricity is sudden interruption of city electricity.

In different seasons of the year, especially in the summer season, due to the increase in electricity consumption and low electricity production, we are facing sudden power outages. These frequent outages will cause damage to your office equipment.

Advantages of using UPS for administration
UPS as a dual protector can solve all these challenges for your office.
You can provide one or several UPS for your office, all the devices that need to be connected to city electricity. They need to be protected from damage due to electrical fluctuations.
You will also have this possibility if you face a power outage
To reach your administrative affairs with the flow of electricity from the batteries in the UPS and not disrupt your work due to a power cut.

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