Toyota Corolla car battery

The most practical Toyota ride for the market of developing and not so rich countries like Iran is the Corolla, which also bears the title of the most popular car in the world (in the form of different generations).

This model has been available in the market of our country for many years, but unfortunately, it has gradually turned from an economic car for the people into an expensive product that faces many competitors.

The 11th generation of Corolla also came to Iran. This generation of Corolla was sold with two types, XLI and GLI, which has good equipment such as automatic air conditioning, sunroof, push-button start, and leather steering wheel cover, only in the GLI type.

This car has a 4-cylinder two-liter engine that has very low depreciation and is very suitable as an inner-city car, but like all cars, it also needs some consumables, one of which is the Toyota Corolla battery. In the continuation of this article, we will further examine the fabric battery of the Toyota Corolla.

Fabric Toyota Corolla battery
Toyota Company has chosen a 45 amp battery for this car as Toyota Corolla fabric battery. We will introduce other features of Toyota Corolla fabric battery in the table below.

Note: Fabric batteries of 2006 to 2008 models are 35 ampere


45 amps


12 volts

The right type of battery

acid battery (wet) and atomic battery (dry)

Battery size

24.2 x 13 x 22.2 cm

Toyota Corolla battery life
The life of a car battery in the first stage depends on the climatic conditions of the region and the type of your consumption, and a quality battery may last one year or three years according to your consumption, but Toyota Corolla fabric batteries are generally between It lives for two to five years.

Note: The battery in tropical areas and areas with heavy traffic deteriorates faster and loses its quality. And Iranian batteries on average up to two years, Korean batteries on average up to three years.

Toyota Corolla battery price depends on what factors?
car battery and its different price depends on many factors, which in this article will be examined further Factors we will pay:

Battery manufacturer country
brand of battery manufacturer
Type of battery (acidic and wet)
Battery capacity
Date of battery failure
Battery manufacturing date

Last word

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