BMW x6 car battery

The X6 car is one of the long-chassis cars of the BMW company, which is made in the form of coupe cars, and the strengths of these two types of cars have been combined to create the Eames 6 car.

This car is the result of the efforts of the designers and engineers of the BMW company, which was displayed in the form of a concept model in 2007, but the original and first generation version of the BMW x6 with room code E71 entered the sales list of the German company’s products in April 2008. The BMW X6 was developed on the platform of the previous generation of the 5 and 6 series models of this automaker, and so far three generations of it have reached the hands of international customers.
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But BMX 6, like all cars, has some consumables that must be replaced in a certain period of time and kilometers, one of the consumables of this car is its battery. In this article, we will examine the characteristics of the right battery for the BMW X6.

BMW X6 fabric battery
The German company BMW has considered a 100 amp battery for the X6, which is known as the muscular giant of this brand. In the following table, we have mentioned the features of the fabric battery of this car.

battery amperage

100 amps

Battery voltage

12 volts

Pole arrangement

Short base – left pole

Fabric BMX 6 battery life
As we said, the battery of this car must be 100 amps, and the lifespan of different batteries depends on the brand of battery manufacturer, for example, the lifespan of Korean batteries for this car is longer than that of Iranian batteries, but the battery that BMW company used in The delivery of the car is placed on it, it has a long life, and in some cases, the life of these batteries has reached 5 years, but instead of these batteries, the price of corporate batteries is very high.

Iranian batteries suitable for BMX 6
Today, due to the increase in the quality of Iranian batteries, they can be used in foreign and expensive cars. In this part of the article, we will introduce some Iranian batteries suitable for BMX six.

Manufacturing factory

Famous production brands

Saba battery

Varian Sahand New Armo

Spahan Battery

Atomic Orbital Suzuki

Battery Burner

Global Zitex IAS

Azer battery

Sullivan Vigor Apadana

Nirogostran Khorasan

Shark Silver Sin

Pasargad Sanat

Proton Handle Leader

Dorna Battery Ares

Aras Pushita Noble

Vaya battery

Shaden    Ribal     Doan

Vista Electric

Ararat Atom Polo

Last word

Previously, we introduced suitable batteries for the BMX 6 car. If you are also looking to buy a battery for the BMX 6, you can contact our consultants at Tesla Call and get a free consultation on this matter.

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