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One of the UPS manufacturing companies that operates in Italy and Singapore is called UPSJTech, which was founded by two people in 2004 and has progressed well in the field of UPS production. Relying on a strong and good technical team and having 17 years of experience in the field of UPA and power supply production, GTech has become one of the best quality UPS manufacturers. Also, GTech UPS has a very strong team. Technical support is available all over the world, providing after-sales and pre-sales services. Also, the technical team of this company is able to create a database from the design stage to installation and maintenance for customers.

From UPS of JTech company, you can use them in information centers, server rooms, databases, hospitals, banks Use industrial controls and… In the following, we will examine the UPSG Tech company

Services of UPSG Tech company
As we said, JTech is one of the famous Italian-Singaporean brands that always seeks to satisfy its customers, therefore it strives to provide the best services to its customers. In this part of the article, we will discuss more services of UPSG Tech.

Arrangement of contracts for installation and support of power supplies such asUPS
Battery replacement for customers’ UPSs
Monitoring and maintenance of all energy systems sold to customers
Checking the UPS installation location and customer requirements

All kinds of UPSG Tech products
Among the products of UPSG Tech, the following can be mentioned:

Voltage stabilizers
Small UPS systems with or without air conditioning
Energy systems for remote communication
Solar converters
Automatic energy factor correction systems
Uninterruptible power supply systems from 600 to 800kVA single phase and three phase

Last word

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Lotus Alborz Power Company was established in 2010 with the aim of importing all kinds of electrical equipment and supporting domestic goods. In order to meet all the needs of buyers of electric and electrical appliances, our collection, in addition to domestic companies, cooperates with many countries such as Germany, Korea, Taiwan, America, Turkey, China, and Italy in order to meet the needs of buyers of electric and electrical appliances and considering the problems of urban electricity flow and protection of all electrical appliances. slow If you are looking to buy JTech UPS, you can buy it at a reasonable price from Tesla’s website.

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