Computer Networks

The meaning of computer networks is that a number of computers and network equipment are connected to each other in different ways.

The purpose of forming a computer network is to send or share data between all users. are network

Since these networks depend on electricity and are extremely sensitive to electricity fluctuations, we continue to introduce UPS to protect computer networks.

The importance of using UPS in computer networks
Today, with the advancement of technology, the importance of computer networks has also increased, and various uses of computer networks have made the protection of this network of great importance.

There are different types of UPS equipment to protect the computer network from power supply fluctuations, which are used as needed.

UPS is a device that is placed between the mains electricity supply and the computer network and protects the network from possible damage caused by electricity.

Some of these injuries include:

Fluctuations in input power
Noise and disturbances
Complete power outage

And since these networks are highly sensitive to these factors, not using UPS may cause serious damage to network components and high financial losses, especially on larger networks used in large organizations. be left behind

Benefits of using UPS for computer networks
UPS prevents the passage of noise and electrical disturbances by stabilizing the input voltage and also controls all fluctuations.

Also, UPSs have a battery that, during a power outage, enters the circuit at a high speed of nearly milliseconds, and depending on the battery, it can provide electricity for different periods of time.

The presence of a dry battery is also very important in UPS because it allows the user to continue working in the event of a power outage and the network does not fail.
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