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Stabilizer or voltage stabilizer is a device that is placed in the path of electric current and prevents the occurrence of electric fluctuations and protects all industrial and electrical appliances. This device measures the input voltage with the microprocessor system, detects the voltage drop or voltage increase and corrects it, and in this way we have a constant voltage at the output of 220 V or 380 V with an accuracy of 1% and as We have linear and continuous. It should also be noted that this device is widely used in industrial and domestic applications.

The main reason for the breakdown of electrical appliances, fluctuations electricity, low or high voltage, noise and Interruption and connection of city electricity is a problem that these factors affect the sensitive and expensive parts of the devices and cause a lot of costs. A device called a stabilizer solves this problem. has shown that by purchasing a quality Japanese stabilizer, you can prevent damage caused by power fluctuations.
Japanese stabilizers

Japan The third largest economy in the world in 2010 (after the US and China) and the second largest It was in Asia. This country has very limited natural resources and most of its islands and soils are mountainous and volcanic, but with the cooperation of the government in industry and extensive investment in advanced technologies, Japan is considered one of the important pioneers of industry and technology in the world. Stabilizer is also one of the pioneer countries in this field.

One of the brands producing stabilizers in Japan is Shimatsu company, which is one of the best voltage controllers in the world, which is exported to many countries, and the name of Iran is included in the list of export countries of Shimatsu company. Shimatsu stabilizers are of the best quality and are able to handle the oscillations very well. remove and transfer a very high voltage (220 volts according to Iranian electricity) to the devices.

It should also be noted that the stabilizers of this company for the first time in the world managed to obtain A++ certificate from the institute. It has become a global standard that indicates the low energy consumption of these devices.
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If you intend to buy Japanese stable, you can contact our consultants at Tesla Company Get a free consultation. It should also be noted that Japanese stabilizers come with a one-year warranty and ten years of after-sales service to ensure customers’ minds.

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