Peugeot 405 car battery

Peugeot 495 is a very popular sedan that was designed in the late 1980s in France and in the Peugeot company, and after its design, it became one of the best cars on the European continent, and after achieving this success in Europe, in the early It entered Iran in the 1970s and was produced in Iran Khodro until 2019. In 1988, Peugeot won the title of the best European car of the year.

This car is available in the Iranian market in different versions including:

Peugeot 405 GL
Peugeot 405 GLI
Peugeot 405 GLX
Peugeot 405 SLX
Peugeot 405 Station
Peugeot 405 GLX
Peugeot 405 GLX CNG (dual fuel model)

Note: Currently, only Peugeot 405 GLX, Peugeot 405 models are available at Iran Khodro factory. GLX CNG (dual fuel model), Peugeot 405SLX are produced.

The facelifted version of this car, which came to the Iranian market in the late 70s under the name of Peugeot 405, was welcomed by Iranians because of its relatively beautiful and luxurious appearance, and was later known as Peugeot Pars in Iran.

Peugeot 405 fabric battery
Iran Khodro company has considered the 66 amp atomic or dry battery as the most suitable battery for this car, but if a whistle system or additional accessories are installed on the 405 car, a battery with a higher amperage should be used. 66 amp batteries in all dimensions can be used in the 405 car, but if you will use batteries with higher amperes, you should consider the dimensions of the Peugeot 405 battery compartment.
Suitable dimensions of the battery for the 405 car
The format of the car battery holder is 405 L3 (L3), for this battery holder, buy the following dimensions.

Battery length: 27.5 cm
Battery width: 18 cm
Battery height: 19 cm

Note: Due to the fact that the dimensions of the 66 amp battery are the same as the 77 amp battery, it can be used in the GLX version of the 405 car.
The best 405 car battery brand
The best type of brand for the 405 car are Korean batteries that are imported to Iran in different brands and have high and very good quality, and the best Korean batteries available in the Iranian market include Delcor and Hyundai batteries. did

But Iranian batteries also have a very good quality that can be used in the 405 car.

Iranian batteries suitable for 405 cars
Iranian batteries suitable for 405 cars are:

Zitex Borna Battery
Orbital One Silver Plus Sepahan Battery
Sepahan Suzuki
Orbital Premium Sepahan Battery
What a bad battery
Pasargad Sanat
battery life

External batteries suitable for 405 cars
External batteries suitable for the 405 car are:


Last word

If you are looking to buy the best Iranian and foreign batteries for the 405 car, you can contact our consultants at Tesla and get a free consultation.

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