UPS Exim Power (EXIMPOWER): Exim Power brand is one of the boards It is Italian that produces all kinds of UPS in different models and this product and brand is also available in Iran.

This brand is one of the top UPS brands that has many fans and customers in Iran.

Italian UPS feature
Italian UPS are the best type of UPS and have very high quality and in Different models are available in the Iranian market.

Italian UPS are among the best among the UPS brands and they work for a long time without failure and their quality is not comparable to other UPS.
Exim Power brand quality
This brand is one of the top brands among Italian UPS and has high quality and produces excellent products.

The company produces industrial and home UPS types, for example Line Interactive UPS types / produces offline and online.

In the second case, it produces all kinds of batteries for UPS and has excellent and guaranteed quality.
Buying guide from Tesla store

You can order all kinds of stabilizers, UPS batteries and UPS equipment and all kinds of batteries with the best quality and price from the Tesla website and it will be delivered with the best quality and price. Buy with the best quality from the Tesla store.

Tesla provides all its products and accessories directly and without intermediaries to customers, and other customers pay They do not pay extra for mediation.

If you have any questions and requests for advice about your purchase, you can contact the support numbers and share your problem and question with our experts.

Support and contact numbers with Tesla (02188312456 / 02188861253).

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Exim Power brand produce?

Exim Power brand UPS types offline and online and types stabilizer and inverter and . . . produces with the highest quality.

Exim Power is a brand of which country?

This brand is for Italy and it is produced in Italy and exported in different models.

What is the quality of Exim Power brand?

It can be said that it has no equal in quality, it has a higher price, but in terms of quality, it cannot be compared with Iranian brands. . . compared .

Exim Power UPS price?

The price of Exim UPS is a little higher than normal UPS, why? Because it is a foreign and imported brand and it is priced based on dollars.

And its price varies based on the UPS model and may be cheaper or more expensive.

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