Faratel UPS Battery

The Iranian company Faratel, which had unofficial activities with several other companies since 1348, started its activity as a manufacturer of electronic equipment in June 1352. This company, which now considers itself the first producer of intelligent UPS battery in Iran, once operated It prospered with its seriousness and innovation that no other company in Iran was doing such an advanced activity and even many famous brands of the world had not started.
Production of UPS
During these 50 years of activity, Faratel gradually expanded its products until finally, from 1373, it started moving towards the specialized design and production of uninterruptible power supplies or UPS. The diversity of the company’s UPS products has been acceptable since the very beginning. In the same years, the production technology of modern UPS was localized for the first time by Faratel company and made Iran the third country producing them after America and Germany.

Some types of UPS produced in this company are: smart sinusoidal UPS with Line Interactive technology, smart sinusoidal UPS with On line Double Conversion technology and Transformer Less type and… .
Certificates and honors
Faratel has been awarded the advanced ISO9001:2008 certificate, which shows its quality products. Receiving the statue and plaque of the model industrial unit from the Minister of Industries and Mines and the model production unit from the Department of Social Affairs of Tehran are another page of honor for this Iranian company. One-year warranty and 5-year commitment to supply UPS parts is the guarantee that this company provides for the quality of its products.
Use of Faratel UPS
The UPS of this company have different types with different functions and depending on the chosen model, they are suitable for small and medium computer networks and their peripheral equipment, telecommunication, laboratory, measurement systems, banking systems, large computer networks and their peripheral equipment, and all kinds of computer servers. and are datacenters.
Features of the products
Some of the features of these devices are: the possibility of adding an isolated transformer, IGBT technology or design without a transformer, the ability to install standing and lying down, high efficiency, equipped with a smart watch system, the ability to adjust the input frequency range, the ability to use UP management systems. S, the ability to work with a generator

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