Long UPS Battery

Kung Long Battery Company, located in Vietnam, produces UPS batteries with high quality and power for various uses.

The company has registered its products under the Long brand and is known in the industry with It is known by the same name. Long brand has started its work in Taiwan since 1990.

Currently, about 1000 employees are working in this company in different departments of battery production and design.
Introduction of UPS Long Vietnam battery manufacturing company
Long company has a very strong research and development team.

With the changes in the consumer market and the needs of the industry, they are committed to the research and development of UPS batteries acid. Lead is needed to provide advanced electronic products and secondary energy sources for daily life and industries.

In order to achieve high quality, optimal performance and rapid development for more optimal, efficient, safe and stable production that is environmentally friendly, the company’s research and development center has the most advanced battery equipment, testing equipment and material analysis equipment.

Through computer design, the design of Long’s products is highly accurate. Also, all the company’s production process data is analyzed in order to achieve perfection in product design, testing, manufacturing and quality control.
Long LONG battery products
The main type of battery produced by this company is optimized lead acid batteries It is known as VRLA. Of course, the products of this company go beyond UPS batteries.

Security alarm systems, batteries for fire alarm equipment, Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS, and equipment Telecommunication communication stations are only a corner of the extensive production of Long company, which covers a large part of the market.

General characteristics of UPS Long battery

Absorbent glass technology (AGM) is used in a series of products of this company, which is one of the best ways to increase the life and efficiency of UPS. is
GEL technology has been used for gas recovery up to 99% in some UPS manufactured by Long Battery Company.
Easy maintenance of electrolytes and no need to add water is a very important feature that significantly reduces the costs and hassles of UPS.
No restrictions have been imposed on its air transportation.
You can install UPS Long batteries in any direction you want and there are no restrictions.
The electric battery system is designed, simulated and tested by advanced computers.
The guaranteed long life of Long UPS batteries gives you confidence when Chooses and buys.
The charge and discharge cycles are improved with the least damage so that the efficiency is close to its maximum possible value.
The number of cycles that can be provided by the device is high, which increases the life of the device as a result.
Supports floating applications. In addition to those programs, it can provide a cycle with any level of complexity depending on the consumer’s desire.
The rate of spontaneous discharge has reached almost zero.

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