Makelsan UPS

Maklesan UPS Company is one of the largest UPS manufacturers and suppliers in Europe, with annual sales of 150 million dollars for sale. This company has recorded the production of 650V to 6.4MV UPS in its portfolio.
This company was established in 1976 with the aim of planning electric power systems in Turkey and today it manufactures all types of UPS with the best quality and power using the latest technologies.

Melksan company sells its UPS legally and having sales offices in England, United Arab Emirates, Brazil and Singapore.

All kinds of products of Maklesan company
In this part of the article, we will review the types of products of Maklesan company.

Interactive high line UPS – online – low frequency online – three phase online
12 volt general and front terminal sealed lead acid batteries and 2 volt batteries
Protection and multiplexing of electricity
Types of inverters
battery charger
Types of solar panels
Wind Turbine
Solar system structure and tracker and all solar system equipment
LED lighting

Last word

Mekelsan company is one of the best UPS manufacturers in the world, which supplies quality UPS. If you are looking to buy Mekelsan UPS, you can visit Buy Tesla

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