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Yuasa UPS battery (yuasa): Yuasa company may be one of The most specialized and wide UPS battery production companies. In fact, this company is more than 100 years old and celebrated its 100th year of operation in 2018. However, over the years, parts of the company have been separated due to the production of another product or due to being located in another country. Of course, this separation only means a name change and all parts of Yuasa operate under the same main Japanese company.

The process of Yuasa activities until reaching the specialized production of UPS
Let us follow the timeline of this company’s activities:

1915 – The first production of Yuasa batteries was established at the Yuasa Iron Works in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. The production of batteries begins with storage batteries.

1918 – Yuasa Battery Company was officially established.

1919 – The new factory in Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture is completed.

1920 – The production of car batteries begins. A new cover has been designed and completed for stationary batteries.

1924 – Research on dry batteries begins. The production and sale of a batch of batteries will start one year later.

1963 – Yuasa Battery Company of Thailand was established.

1965 – The USA Battery Company of the United States of America was established. (Currently, this company is considered the main headquarters of UPS battery production by Yuasa.)

1981 – USA British company was established to sell and distribute industrial batteries in England and Ireland.

1998 – Ultra-thin lithium-ion battery production line launched in Japan.

2000 – From this time on, Yuasa’s main focus is on UPS batteries.

2002 – Yuasa succeeded in obtaining international standards for UPS batteries.

2004 – Yuasa merged with Japan Battery Storage and became GS Yuasa.
Since 1979, the production of all kinds of powerful UPS batteries in the United States has been seriously started by Yuasa. In addition to UPS batteries, this company has been a manufacturer and distributor of batteries for motorcycles, ATV vehicles, UTV vehicles, personal vehicles and scooters. The UPS manufactured by Yuasa are exported to many countries and are among the highest quality UPS in the world. These long-life batteries are sealed lead-acid, which is one of the best types of UPS batteries.

Years of experience and trial and error in the industry of producing UPS batteries have brought very high quality and efficiency to Yuasa. In Iran’s markets, Japanese batteries have always had their special place, and Yuasa batteries have many fans because of their long life and high quality, and despite the fact that the market filled by cheap Chinese batteries, Yuasa UPS batteries are still bought and used by people who know the quality, power and value of the product well.

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Yuasa UPS battery

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